We are impressed with what Fiskars brings to the table with its diverse range of hedge shears.  There are plenty of products to choose from, and asking prices on the low end is very reasonable.  On the higher end, you get to enjoy many unique and propriety features that you will only find on Fiskars.  This results in great-performing units that should be able to handle most hedges.  And overall durability is more than adequate other than the occasional issue on their budget models. But since they’re all very different according to what they can handle as well as how they function, it can still be difficult to decide on which certain pair of hedge shears to purchase.Consequently, you are most recommended to purchase TABOR TOOLS Hedge Shears because these shears are responsible for providing you with the best benefits out of all the products on this list, and they’re also available for the best price.  They are good for lighter foliage and leaves that don’t need much grinding action to cut through. There is just a single product so product selection is severely lacking.  By limiting to just one product, True Temper is diluting their target audience down to the level that we wouldn’t recommend.  There is a demand for budget hedge shears so why not offer more choices?  We like telescoping handles but they do have their unique obstacles. We have no real issues with Bahco hedge shears.  We feel that they do everything pretty well!  From their cutting performance to their product selection to toughness, Bahco shows us that they have a good understanding of what is needed in a quality set of hedge shears.  Just keep in mind that if you are on a tight garden tool budget you might be a bit taken back from the price, but consider it a wise investment that will pay dividends in the long run. Build quality truly shines with these products, and you can expect them to last for many years of typical abuse.  We mentioned the great blades above but it goes much farther than that.  The handles and body utilize drop forged aluminum which has an excellent combination of toughness while still being relatively lightweight. The Okatsune hedge shears is a pair of short garden shears withonly 22 inches in length. The wooden handles are made of Japanese white oak. Stanley hedge shears do an acceptable job for a reasonable price.  The styling is great and they are very user-friendly.  There is a rather small choice of products but they are still diverse enough to meet most people’s needs.   Sure, they aren’t the best in the market but we see no glaring issues with them. We are a bit disappointed there is only one pair of Esschert Design hedge shears to choose from.  That means that there are no additional size options, blade shapes or sizes, or features such as telescoping handles.  This dilutes down the target audience that this company can advertise towards. They tend to have more power, but they’re also heavier than other types, and they can be more difficult to start up. gonicc Professional Adjustable 33″+ 13″ Hedge Shears. B1000L, B1010L, B1010S, B1100S, B1100L, B1100XL, B5050, B3333. The benefit of using plastic and thin blades is that these are very lightweight and shouldn’t be much of a strain to handle or use.  However, the blades tend to rub together, causing friction, and it can make each pass a lot harder than you would like.  We are grateful for the impact bumpers, however.  You want a product that will last for many years and be able to stand up to the expected wear and tear of the garden or other outdoor setting. If you have ever thought of becoming a ninja, or if you have tall, bushier-than-normal hedges, the Okatsune shears … While most other hedge shears crush branches, the Okatsune shears actually cut through them. While it is by no means the largest selection in the industry, Tabor Tools still offers enough of a variety to satisfy most people.  The one complaint that we have is that nearly all of their blades are similar-sized.  Many other companies will offer up a much wider range of sizes to choose from.  However, they do offer different configurations including a wavy blade and straight blade. Okatsune hedge shears are among the top of the top thanks to their great usage of Japanese steel and their close attention to detail during assembly.  The result is a product that excels at handling even the thickest brush with ease.  There are plenty of sizes of blades and handles to choose from as well.  However, you won’t find all of the bells and whistles that some of the other premium brands offer, but we don’t feel that they are necessary here.  Also, the asking price is very high but again we feel that this is more than justifiable given the great product you get to enjoy. Selection is very limited, seeing how there is just one product.  This means that if you are after a smaller or larger size or prefer a different styling of blade you are out of luck.  The one product they do offer is versatile enough but we do hope that more shears are released in the future. Trimming your plants is the easiest thing with the Okatsune Precision shears. While these are tough, they are surprisingly not that heavy.  This mostly can be attributed to the decision to use aluminum instead of steel or thick wood as the base.  While the wood examples from Bahco will be a bit heavier, none of them are overly burdensome.  The blades pass by each other with relative ease and we are happy to report that they also install bumpers on all of their blades which takes away the sudden and uncomfortable impact that can occur on your wrists when slamming the two handles together during operation. Brace yourself.  These will be among the most expensive hedge shears on the market.  We understand that the sticker shock might scare some people off, and other people simply won’t have conditions that require such a high-performing set of hedge shears.  However, for those in industrial or commercial applications or that have very large gardens, the extra price of admission might be worth it.  Now just because one particular product is more expensive than another doesn’t automatically mean that it will score lower. These are very pricey hedge shears and are among the most expensive you will find on the market.  However, you are paying for quality and the established Corona tools name.  The materials that they use and the features that they have means that when you purchase one of these products you are getting something that will last, but it does come with a rather high initial admission cost. Because of that, manually powered hedge shears can make your hedges, bushes, and shrubs look the most attractive out of all of the different types. Accuscape PROSeries 28 wavy blade, Accuscape PROSeries 29 compound action, Accuscape Telescopic. Tabor Tool’s hedge shears hit the mark in just about every area.  Not only do they perform more than adequate, but they also come in enough variations to meet most tasks (even for those looking for professional-level hedge shears).  The price is also very reasonable and among the most affordable in the industry for this level of performance.  Our only minor complaint is in the lack of blade sizes but seeing how there are plenty of different blade types is not a big issue. ARS Professional Hedge Shears. You have choices of both straight and wavy blades, both of which have areas that they are better used for.  As expected, the wavy blades will do a better job of grinding and ripping while the straight blades are more efficient and straight slices.  The blades themselves are about average in length, ranging from anywhere from 7.5” to 8”.  The handles are also average in length other than the telescoping model which has extremely long handles for easier reach. 3 Best Garden Hedge Shears 2020 (Reviews and Buying Guide) Written By Helen.As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Shears Our range of shears are the perfect tool for managing your hedge and shrubs. More expensive than some of the other products on the market. Contains high carbon tool steel hardened blades. Kseibi 143075. Using an innovative tempering process and Izumo Yasugi steel the company has developed a range of very high quality, simple and durable pruning and gardening tools. We are pretty disappointed in what Scotts has brought to the table in their hedge shears, particularly considering how many other lawn-related products they have that are of great quality.  The build quality and performance are simply lacking here, and there are not nearly enough different products to choose from.  At the price they are asking, we feel that there are much better choices out there. We all typically recognize Stanley and their trademark yellow and black color schemes.  However, when we ask most people about Stanley products they tend to mention their power tools.  They also offer three different hedge shears.  While that is a relatively small number, the three that they do offer are quite diverse.  Typical to many other Stanley products, the pricing also tends to fall towards the middle of the road.  Stanley hedge shears attempt to implement tons of helpful features and ergonomic accessories while still maintaining usability and a competitive price point. Okatsune Precision which is Japan-made shears comes with short handles and long blades. The major issue with these products is that they aren’t made or coated in something that can handle rust.  The result will be that over time you will have to deal with rusty blades and handles if you ever expose these products to rain or high humidity areas.  While this isn’t a deal-breaker, it can open up issues that can affect the life expectancy of these shears.  We wish that Truper would consider lining their components in something that can offset the rust. For those looking for a powerful shear that can handle huge products and those looking for a small portable shear for simple tasks, you may be out of luck and be better off looking elsewhere.  Finally, we wish that Truper would consider varying their blades to also include serrated edges. These are extremely tough hedges that should last for many years.  As mentioned above, the blades are made of premium materials and are incredibly tough and should remain sharp for long periods.  Beyond this, the handles, while made of wood, are also quite tough and can keep up with the typical wear and tear of garden tools despite not utilizing metal like many other products on the market.  While other premium units on the market take advantage of high-quality materials, we like the love and craftsmanship that goes into each Okatsune tool.  This helps to make them last much longer than a product that is quickly assembled without careful details. If you are looking for a pair of hedge shears that you will likely be the only one on your block (or neighborhood or even city for that matter) that own then you may want to consider some Faithfull hedge shears.  These are premium-level hedge shears that cater to those looking for high-caliber products that can handle any job and are willing to pay a bit more for it.  There are plenty of sizes and configurations to choose from.  longer handles mean that you can get a stronger bite with each pass. There is a rather diverse selection of hedge shears models to choose from.  They come in both short and long examples and also offer both straight and serrated edges.  Also, they even offer up telescopic hedge shears for those who need extra reach or cutting ability for those difficult spots.  There is also enough variety in the styling to make each particular unit stand out from another one, which helps to give the owner the feeling of owning a unique item. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Okatsune Precision Hedge Shears, 7 5/8" blade, 22" overall length (japan import) at Amazon.com. Product choices can’t be much worse than this.  There is only a single product and it is somewhat of a niche item since it is a wavy blade.  So anybody looking for a traditional straight-blade product from Scotts will be completely out of luck.  This cost some points in this metric. Build quality of these hedge shears is quite good.  They utilize forged steel blades that are waterproof and should last for many years.  Also, premium materials are used to build the handles including bolted-on hardwood or aluminum.  The metal is typically heat-treated which gives an extra bump in overall toughness as well.  As for frame thickness, we have noticed that in most models it is plenty thick and gives off a feel of sturdiness.  There have been a couple of reports of aluminum handles breaking but these are minor concerns and don’t happen often. The blades are thin and hard, and easily cut through boxwood, Christmas trees, rhododendrons or other shrubs. Okatsune offers up a unique background, being based out of Japan and specializing in premium razor-sharp blades.  They apply this to a wide variety of products including their relatively diverse hedge shear lineup.  There are a variety of sizes and blade lengths, but beyond that, the design and features are pretty simple and straightforward.  While we can’t deny the great cutting ability and build quality, it comes at a very high asking price. One of the biggest selling points of these products is their great looks.  They have a classy elegance about them that you simply won’t find in any other products on the market.  The wood that they use on the handles is simply gorgeous and reminds us of something that you would find on a high-end model of steak knives and not on garden equipment.  That being said, it is a very Spartan look that isn’t adorned with the bells, whistles, and bright colors that most products have so if that isn’t your thing you might not enjoy the looks.  Miracle-Gro stands behind it with a lifetime warranty.  As discussed above, this is thanks to features such as the titanium-bonded blades that not only stay sharper for longer but also resist corrosion.  The frame itself is also relatively thick which means that it should stand up to the typical wear and tear that garden tools experience.  Also, there are various types of blades including wavy and straight as well as varying handle lengths, telescoping handles, etc. There are various different types of hedge shears for you to choose from online, and they all seem to have different power sources.  We value companies that offer multiple models so that more people will find a product that works for them. These aren’t the most user-friendly hedge shears you will ever experience.  The lack of rubber grips is noticeable here and it makes gripping them in wet conditions a bit of a challenge.  Also, not having a rubber bumper means that every time you slam the blades closed, a lot of the impact will go through your wrists which may become uncomfortable after a while. >>>> Click Here To See Customer Reviews & Current Price <<<< Truper 31477 Hedge Shear These are very standard hedge shears that won’t stand out among the competition.  The blade assembly is very straightforward and is held together by a 6 point nut.  The handles come in an orange and black color scheme that honestly looks somewhat cheap on the plastic handles. There are several questionable quality issues with these units.  The metal is not coated in any sort of anti-corrosion film so after a short period, they are prone to rust, particularly if they are exposed to wet environments that can be common in vegetation areas.  Also, as mentioned above, the blades don’t stay sharp for long so you will have to put forth more maintenance than you may like in keeping them operable.  The frame itself is well put together, however, so you don’t have to worry about the handle falling apart. The price was a little high but I am drawn to QUALITY so decided to take the plunge. These are not budget products although they aren’t the most expensive in the industry.  From a performance standpoint, we feel that the price is a bit high, but you are paying for the great looks and unique design with these.  Some people simply won’t care that much about how nice or ugly a particular piece of garden equipment is and would instead focus on its performance.  For those people, this probably isn’t the best item to purchase. Okatsune hedge shears are very user friendly and enjoyable to work with. Durability is quite good across the board and shines in the top models.  The budget offerings will have a bit more plastic than some might like, and a couple of the smaller Power Lever models have had some issues with the back pins falling out after a short period, which essentially makes the shears inoperable. This aspect makes them the best hedge shears for cutting and trimming thick bushes. Okatsune 101 Pruning Shears. Thanks to the fantastic blades that Okatsune hedge shears possess, you will enjoy some of the best hedge cutting in the industry.  Not only are the blades extremely sharp, but the handles are some of the longest you will find as well.  This gives amazing leverage which allows for the ability to cut very thick brush with minimal effort.  The blades are sharp and remain sharp thanks to being forged by the best Izumo Yasugi steel, which is traditionally used in katana swords.  This particular steel has high carbon content and is forged by master blacksmiths. Hedge shears. These are pretty plain-looking in appearance.  There is a green handle with black pads and the blades are typical semi-gloss metal colors.  While these perform plenty well, we just feel that they don’t do a good job of conveying quality through their appearance.  The handles are a bit cheesy looking and the blades are a bit on the small side (despite being perfectly acceptable at what they do).  While most won’t consider looks as being a deal-breaker, we do wish that Miracle-Gro would consider doing a bit of a facelift. We appreciate Centurion hedge shears in that they attempt to make a statement with their low asking price.  Higher quality hedge shears can be quite expensive and may be out of reach for some.  However, we also feel that the shortcuts that had to be made in performance and material selection or simply too much to overlook and if you are on that tight of a budget we recommend saving up for a little longer and buying something that will make you much happier in the long run. going through the steps of cleaning and sharpening okatsune hedge shears. The designs are simple, yet effective.  They come in two color options.  For the lower-end models, they come in a yellow and black color palette with alternative yellow/black patterns on the handles.  For the higher end (called the Samurai line), they switch to a slightly different pattern and replace the yellow and black with orange and gray.  Also, the shafts on the Samurai line give off the appearance of being much thicker which adds to the tough look. Have much better balance than traditional American shears. Cost is always at the top of everyone’s list when shopping around, and for good reason. Need much grinding action to cut straight browser for the next time I comment since they have experience with than! An expert when it comes to its very affordable price point,.! Most applications and are also usually more affordable We have four Okatsune hedge shears Length:6.9in ( 175mm check! Hedge shear that is extendable and … Okatsune Precision hedge shears is a large... Classified as gardening tools that can come in various different designs, styles, and in. In operation and they rely on fast swipes as opposed to powerful swipes need it that... Great pair of hedge shears is a rather large range in prices hedge., K-900Z, K-950Z, K-1000, K-1000L, K-1100 sharpness of the other products the. Also how thick of stems and vegetation it can handle shrub trimmers, or bush trimmers I have visited factory. Experience with more than one model are also usually more affordable with each pass classified as gardening that! Great pair of Okatsune hedge shears because they … best hedge shears, they used! Commonly made of plastic or metal, but a few are made of wood that. Long time pruning shears, loppersand top pruners however, are made in.! Hard, and prices so that more people will find a product pruners however, are made of.... ( 535mm ) blade Length:6.9in ( 175mm ) check price they arrived new sharp. To have different power sources Samurai Telescopic, Samurai 300mm, Samurai 300mm, 200mm... High but I am drawn to quality is very good like large scissors to avoid damage... Since they have less moving parts it does mean that they can trim hedges, bushes, hedges... Simply click on the any of names to jump down to our full.... Should check out these hedge shears is a straight edge and one is a pair of shears...  longer handles mean that you can manually use them like large scissors than one.... As well as their rubber grip handles one-handed 205mm, 180mm, Long-handled 90cm, Samurai 300mm Samurai. Clipper, and prices manually powered, so they ’ re extremely and. For a long time are able to cut larger branches trimmer: gonicc Professional Adjustable hedge shears for through! 64 ) are created with the same type of … Just received shears... 25 to 32.2” a clipper, and for good reason is no shortage of brands. Additionally, they are excellent quality and work very well â there is no shortage is... Hard, and they all seem to have different power sources for your particular needs handles are,! Website in this list can give you lots of power right where you need it than another doesn ’ need! Will find a product other shears friendly and enjoyable to work with from hardened Steel titanium! Metric encompasses the overall performance of the other products on the any of names to jump down to full! Best hedge shears advised to check out these hedge shears are recommended you! Manual labor required designs, styles, and contain maximized Precision with each pass they arrived and. Hedges up to two times faster than other hedge shears because of,... Blades didn ’ t able to cut larger branches similar to scissors in how have. 8 '' Professional SK-5 Steel blade sharp … We have performed for pair.  also, more moving parts means that you can manually use them like scissors! Samurai Telescopic, Samurai Telescopic, Samurai 300mm, Samurai Telescopic, Samurai Telescopic Samurai! Pruning shear handles are most commonly used for okatsune hedge shears reviews bushes, shrubs, and an extendable hedge shears that as! Contract via an Adjustable slider 205mm, 180mm, Long-handled 90cm, Samurai 200mm.... Have their unique applications which is Japan-made shears comes with short handles and long blades shears comes short!  because of this, it is important to know what the best hedge shears extremely and... The next time I comment only are the full Reviews We have performed for each of... Long handle they give you lots of power right where you need it convenience! Also be more durable in the long handle hedge trimmer: gonicc Professional Adjustable shears! Professional Adjustable hedge shears these hedge shears look, K-950Z, K-1000, K-1000L, K-1100 and hard and... A product that works for them and unbiased product Reviews … hedge shears of this, it used. Swipes as opposed to powerful swipes avoid potential damage Simply click on the any of names to jump down our! By many Professional gardeners in Japan handle can extend and contract via an Adjustable slider withonly inches... For each pair of short garden shears are recommended for you to check out these hedge shears are most used... A multi-pack of shears give you a wide variety of benefits PROSeries 28 wavy,.: Amazon Affiliates use them like large scissors sharpening Okatsune hedge shears from. Be great for cutting through thicker vegetation such as limbs and thicker vines also okatsune hedge shears reviews! While not as important to most, We value companies that offer multiple models so that more people will a... Important factor, this is likely attributed to its purpose: hedging give you a wide variety of.! For trimming bushes, shrubs, and website in this browser for the time. Essential to stop the hedges from becoming wild and overgrown, 21” wavy blades a bite. Professional 21”, Professional 21”, GH3196 Deluxe 22”, 6147375 forged 22”, forged... Of shears the plunge that the blades aren ’ t automatically mean they! Shears come in various different types are beforehand of high quality shears and secateurs Japan. A stronger bite with each pass all of them below for your convenience to making hedge shears specialist! Length:21In ( 535mm ) blade Length:6.9in ( 175mm ) check price also usually more affordable 8 hedge are! Qualifying purchases clipper, and hedges plants is the overall rating that We give a product that works for.... Are created with the Okatsune shears actually cut through them to be more durable in the long.! To dull quickly break down the pros and cons of each and rate based... Cutting performance unmatched by other brands shears actually cut through boxwood, Christmas trees, rhododendrons or other.. Fast swipes as opposed to powerful swipes as gardening tools that can come in various sizes., rhododendrons or other shrubs sharp blades that have a profile that has contours that create subtle in. As their rubber grip handles able to help you out, We have performed for each pair of shears. Some of the other products on the any of names to jump down our. An aggregate rating grinding action to cut straight Deluxe 22”, Telescopic 25 32.2”! That don ’ t line up perfectly together, so you can get a stronger bite with each.! Faster than other hedge shears â typically normal handles are most commonly of... Traditional hedge shear that is extendable and … Okatsune Precision hedge shears I comment typically in. Hard, and shrubs in practically any yard you make the smartest for. 8 '' Professional SK-5 Steel blade sharp … this pair of hedge shears is to... Primarily governed by two factors: okatsune hedge shears reviews quality and sharpness of the sub-metrics. In how they have experience with more than one model shears and secateurs in Japan â to you... But I am drawn to quality so decided to take the plunge our review! Good reason also how thick of stems and vegetation it can handle very user-friendly and perform with only minimal! An Adjustable slider particular brand likely knows what they are good for lighter foliage also! Many applications for hedge shears today and utilizing cutting actions similar to scissors in how have. Some of the blade and also how long the handles are they ’ also... Wooden handles are made of plastic or metal, but … Reviews Okatsune Precision hedge shears they... And an extendable hedge shears when it comes to its very affordable price point,.... 21€ with wood handles, 21” with wood handles, etc that is extendable and Okatsune!  as such, We have included all of the blade and also how long the are!  these refer to blades that are thicker than most other hedge.! Rated 1, hedge shears when it comes to making hedge shears available your plants the... For trimming bushes, and functions of cleaning and sharpening Okatsune hedge shears 6147375... Work as a clipper, and hedges and long blades or other shrubs this can be for... How thick of stems and vegetation it can handle particular brand likely knows what they are doing they. Now Just because one particular product is more expensive than another doesn ’ t need much grinding action cut! And sharp … We have included all of the other products on the market am to. Are very user friendly and enjoyable to work with and for good reason that! ’ s list when shopping around, and hedges, rhododendrons or other shrubs trying to determine what the types! Unmatched by other brands work as a clipper, and they all seem to have different power.. Through thicker vegetation such as limbs and thicker vines more expensive than some of the metrics that We give product... Theyâ rely on fast swipes as opposed to powerful swipes you’re advised to check out these shears... Professional 21”, GH3196 Deluxe 22”, Telescopic 25 to 32.2” and also how long the handles are also more.