3. A typical residential area looks like a square bounded on all four sides by roads with sidewalks, bike paths, car parks and a bus stop. 2. In addition to the residential components, the more than 50,000 square feet of academic space, includes three large lecture halls featuring “turn to team” design … DESCRIPTION : This is the concept of comfortable residential complex includes closed inner territory. Achieve stylistic and ideological unity of the residential buildings and the reconstructed office building to make whole complex act as an ensemble. 3D-printing is spotlighted here as a lot of professionals are producing housing As architects embark to create the urban infrastructure for the 21st century, a lot of the focus falls on sustainable construction, affordable homes, as well as cutting-edge technology's role in design. Address. Multifamily Executive 9 Apartment Building Designs of the Future These 9 futuristic apartment building concepts from architects around the world provide a glimpse at the possibilities in store for multifamily design and construction. The Concept of the Residential District Building Location Novo-Sadovaya Street. We have made investments of over 90 million euros into residential projects on the premium segment of approximately 150,000 built square meters in Arad, Cluj Napoca, Timisoara and Brasov. The idea . More info coming soon. Regarding the parametric design, this design attempts to use the sample of basics of parametric design due to the needs of the residential complex. Create a comfortable living environment with a predominance of green area. The Residential Complex on Barochnaya Street, St.Petersburg. The main task was the creation of modern buildings consist of comfortable small apartments with closed balconies, pitched roof, the availability of car parking spaces and a cozy patio with playgrounds Residential Complex CITYCOM2: In the heart of the second district of Vienna, BEHF Architects has provided the first Austrian co-housing project, designed to offer residents numerous amenities and interesting spaces, as well as to support different lifestyles in a built-in network. Multicompartment Residential Building … The Academic & Residential Complex is LEED Gold certified by the US Green Building Council. Postal Code and City Project Presentation. A five-story, 160-unit residential complex has been proposed for 2630 West Girard Avenue in Brewerytown, North Philadelphia.Designed by ISA and developed by a ADCO (American Development Company) and Callahan Ward, the 127,200-square-foot development will span roughly three-quarters of the city block. Name (required) Company. The square contains buildings of three types: small houses (towers with one entrance) in the middle and sectional (with several entrances) and gallery-style (where people enter their apartments through a shared balcony) houses in the corners. We believe that the residential complex should be in a harmony with the reconstructed office building.