Students learn how to monitor and maintain records in an online environment, and keep a record system up-to-date as the context and legal status of the records cha... © 2020 Records management (is part of an organization’s broader rnge of activities that are associated with th… We will spotlight the latest news, innovations, theory and concepts, critical industry issues, best practices, tips and tricks, how-to’s, and new advances in technology in Records Management.This is for everyone, experts and novices alike. Our online training record management software not only tracks and manages training records and certificates for courses completed through our LMS, but it also stores, tracks, and reports on training completed in the classroom, in the field, or on another system! We have now experienced a global change in how and where we do our work—records managers included. Are there new streams of records that must be addressed? This is being expanded and accelerated based on remote working environments and virtual communications. Am I going to be asked to drive the van to deliver physical records due to layoffs? Learn to manage archives via Records Management Certification .Effective records maintenance is an integral part of every organization’ Archiving and Records Management Online Certificate Course - Online Courses - Courses For Success Is there a refocus on digitizing paper records to enhance the delivery of records in the distributed community? You'll learn records management terminology, concepts, and procedures needed to successfully manage records in today's offices. We will spotlight the latest news, innovations, theory and concepts, critical industry issues, best practices, tips and tricks, how-to’s, and new advances in technology in Records Management. The lesson will open in a new window. Software Requirements: Courses. Welcome to the brave new world of records management in a social distancing society. Advance your career with the Online Graduate Certificate in Records and Information Management from LSU Online. Electronic records management training is the best way to keep your skills current, streamline your work and manage risk more effectively. The Records Management section of this course will teach you how to establish and administer a records management program. With records not maintained in such systems, Griffith's practice is to save into HP Records Manager (RM8) – the University’s formal records management application. Technology 2: 3D printing (especially for the heartless), Class 3:  The tools for a rapidly changing work environment    October 13, 2020 Has your records management strategy changed? We will discuss what aspects of these transactions are records, their impact on privacy, and cybersecurity for wide-spread remote record access. Electronic (E-) Records Management, NQF Level 5, 7 Credits. Introduction to Records Management and Compliance. Graduate Diploma in Records Management and Archives. 1 day Records Management Deep Dive training course to give you the tools you need to begin or improve a Records Management programme. Our records management online training course consists of three specially created modules, each followed by a short series of questions designed to allow learners to reinforce their new knowledge as they go along. Recordkeeping Online Coures. Regardless of how the records management system is organised, the management will influence the way that data is collected, stored and accessed. Topics include: metadata, life expectancy of electronic storage media, secure storage media, … All rights reserved. Records Management: … The Certificate IV in Recordkeeping BSB41715 is a practical qualification and give students real world skills in records management. Learning Objectives: Understand the business and legal benefits of establishing a records retention program. Technology 4: 5g (The good, the bad and the Huawei), Class 5:  What is my role in this Brave New World  November 10, 2020Are there new or changing schedules and categories for records required? Students learn how to classify, register, and track records and then audit those records against the existing procedures and quality program at their workplace. Aircraft Technical Records Specialist Lessee Management for CAMO & TR Staff Course type: Presentation without voice over Duration equivalent to 2-day classroom training Price: 107.50 EUR. What if my organization is in the middle of a solution upgrade, migration to a new platform or you need to meet governance deadlines that were imposed pre-pandemic, will the resources be available? A good records and information manager needs to be armed with the latest skills and knowledge in best practices, regulated processes and cost efficiencies to support their organization and its stakeholders. Will records management have an increased or decreased focus given the entended accessibility and the economic impact on the organization in terms of funding and resources? This programme is closed to new student enrolments. Recordkeeping is a serious business, and an accredited training course in records management will teach you how to classify and store an organisation’s records (and critical data) according to the latest technologies and industry best practices. It has now been replaced with NZ3467 New Zealand Diploma in Records and Information Management (Level 6) NZ3467 New Zealand Diploma in Records and Information Management (Level 6) programme page All you need are the skills and a nationally recognised qualification. Click on the occupation for information on the course you should enrol in to start your journey. Archives and Records Management MLitt. Let RMU Dean of Records Management, Mitch Farbstein, lead you through this educational, informational, and fun webinar course. Will I have to play nurse and take support staff’s temperature? Managing records and information is a pivotal piece in running any organization efficiently and with topics ranging from the fundamentals to advanced topics in strategic management This program will enable you to learn the current industry standards and the best practices of information and records management from industry professionals. 1 day Records Management training course to give you the tools you need for a Records Management programme. This is for everyone, experts and novices alike. Normal requirements for admission are a first or second class honours degree and about a year’s experience of paid or voluntary employment in an established archive or records service, or experience in a post where management of archives or records is a substantial part of the postholder’s responsibility. CPD accredited, London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Belfast & Glasgow Courses. Do I see PII raising its ugly head? As in the past, RMU will utilize a five sub-theme set of topics to keep you interested and engaged and prevent me from getting bored (after 11 semesters one would think all that needs to be covered about records has been, but alas, not so). From purchasing receipts to tax documents to communications, they need to be identified and managed properly. Let’s hear it for the growth of digital signing like DocuSign. An internationally and nationally accredited degree. The Data and Records Management Training Course is designed to help you come to grips with effectively managing data and records. RM8 training is provided by Records Services to ensure that you can easily search, retrieve and capture records. (2-day university short course) 3. Is your organization one of them? Records Management, NQF level 5, 11 credits. BOTI’s Archiving and Records keeping workshop is a must do workshop for any company who needs to keep physical records. Accessing this course requires a login. We can help. Technology 3: Blockchain (Any loose bitcoins in your pocket? Even Aldus Huxley could never have predicted the Brave New World of work and its impact on the future of Records Management. What is Records Management? The program is well-suited for the working professional as 100% of the courses are taught online, with the exception of a two-credit internship requirement. TRAINING COURSE ON RECORDS MANAGEMENT Start Date: 01/07/2019 End Date: 05/07/2019 for 5 days Register online: Organizer: DATA-AFRIQUE CONSULTANCY ( Course fee: KSH 70,000, USD 1,000 INTRODUCTION Records management involves the electronic storage of organization documents, physical storage of paper documents, … Online Learning Online lessons Videos Job Aids Training Materials for Specific Audiences Records Custodians Records Liaisons Agency Records Officers Senior Agency Officials for Records Management (SAORM) All Agency Employees Legal Counsels Political Appointees Training Materials for Selected Topics Electronic Records Management Records Inventories Managing The importance of maintaining an effective data management system cannot be over-emphasised. (3-Day university short course). Welcome to the Brave New World of work. Recordkeeping is a serious business, and an accredited training course in records management will teach you how to classify and store an organisation’s records (and critical data) according to the latest technologies and industry best practices. The Certificate in Management options range from in-class training programs to management courses online where you’ll tackle topics such as leadership, communication, operational planning, and even customer service strategies. The Records Management Online Training Program will give you an introduction to the profession of records and information management. I bet it is! Am I prepared to take on more work if my department has to downsize because of economic conditions? Let RMU Dean of Records Management, Mitch Farbstein, lead you through this educational, informational, and fun webinar course. Is this an opportunity to elevate my position in the organization by contributing insightful knowledge? In this free online course learn with Alison about using the popular Web application platform Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for collaborating on the cloud. Below is the list of course content of our Archiving And Records Management training course. Study technologies for information capture, storage and dissemination, recordkeeping and content management, conservation and preservation. Tired of trying to track down training records? Is there going to be a push to digitize physical content for better delivery in a highly distributed work environment. Regardless of the media on which the record is stored, it must … Just ask any of, over 7,000 RM, IT & IG professionals, just like you, who have already joined us. IT personnel, archivists, librarians, project or business manager and records officers or those responsible for the installation, management or daily operation of manual or electronic information systems will find relevance in this seminar. Knowledge Area Courses; Records Management Training Online Lessons. RMU is changing as well as we expand RMU’s team and add a third leg to the stool. Here are some potential career pathways within recordkeeping. The following short courses and skills programmes are available: 1. Please enter your credentials below! Good Contents Are Everywhere, But Here, We Deliver The Best of The Best.Please Hold on! We’re proud to have been recognized in 2019 by AIIM International as one of the Top 5 Best Records Management resources. Technology 5: Human embedded chips (If you have something to say, keep it to….never mind, already got it), © 2020 Feith Systems and Software, Inc. All rights reserved. This page contains lessons that may be viewed from this page. From delivering physical records with sanitized boxes in sanitized vans, to capturing the millions of mail-in voter forms, to capturing state unemployment documentation, to payroll protection applications, to bankruptcy documentation, paper waivers during physical visits, and, lest we forget, capturing virtual business interactions now that the water cooler is off limits. Class 1:  The landscape has been jolted   September 15, 2020 In this first class we will explore how the sources and volumes of records are rapidly changing in warp speed. Free     |     Online     |     Live or On-Demand     |     5 CRM Credits. Browse here online right now. The 12th semester of RMU endeavors to explore the nature of records in the changing, and highly virtual, work environment. ), Class 4:  Is your organization positioned to adopt a new records strategy  October 27, 2020  Has your organization discussed policy changes to address records and information  management in the accelerating distribution of work? CPD accredited … Select the title of the lesson. The first module introduces learners to the concept of proper records management, and explains why it's important to keep good quality records in a way that is compliant with the law. Attention Records Managers: Each RMU session is pre-approved for 1 CRM Certification Maintenance Credit (CMP) from the Institute of Certified Records Managers up to 5 CRM credits (one for each class). Why should you register? The Records Management Online Training course is for you if you want to enhance your records management knowledge or jump-start your career in the records management profession. Am I being considered as an expert in this changing climate or being left out in the cold? Effectively managing records and information is a vital component to the success of organizations in many industries including oil and gas, healthcare, financial services, biomedical and pharmaceutical, education, and government. There are opportunities for a career in recordkeeping in just about every industry and employment sector — particularly local government, health and education. Records management systems will produce uniformity and understanding. Fundamentals of Information and Records Management; Records Classification and Vocabulary In the modern business world where almost everything is captured and stored online, it can be an overwhelming task to sort through and retrieve data and records. Follow the links on this page to browse Lorman Education Services’ catalog of online electronic records management training courses. As Spring Semester 11 of RMU was winding down we were just entering the throes of the pandemic. The target group is mainly individuals who have a high interest in pursuing a career in records management or those who require exposure to the fundamentals of records management. Technology 1: IoT, Drones and Driverless vehicles (Siri, stop discussing my personal habits), Class 2:  The science of capturing non-traditional record content   September 29, 2020We already had to consider certain social media content in our records strategy. Records and Information management is affected by changes in regulations, technology, organizational needs and community needs. Welcome to Records Management University, a series of online courses dedicated to serving Records Management professionals, soon to enter its eleventh semester. It focuses on establishing and managing successful organization-wide records management programs.