They see themselves as "God's Remnant" and/or His "overcomers.". IS THERE UNCRITICAL ACCEPTANCE OF WHATEVER IS GOING ON? Pentecostalism and the theology associated with it is part of several “waves” of Spirit-emphasizing movements spreading worldwide. IS THERE ENOUGH OF AN EMPHASIS ON SCRIPTURE? DeSales Media Group in the Diocese of Brooklyn Consequently their enthusiasm for giving is undermined. Can reductions in crime, healings, numbers of conversions, etc., be verified? Is not the gospel a collection of stories of individuals who met Jesus Christ and were transformed by the encounter? 2. Therefore when they gather for worship it can sometimes seem impersonal and unwelcoming. This is evident in their teaching regarding money and possessions. B. Given explosive growth rates, it’s likely that gap has widened over the six years since the survey. Evangelicals are firm believers in the reality of sin and Satan. With a great number of commonalities with other Christian churches and movements, Pentecostalism is distinguished by theol… In addition, Catholics too often have a merely utilitarian approach to financial giving: they write a check so Father can pay the electric bill. ARE DEEPER COMMITMENTS BEING CONFUSED WITH CONVERSIONS/ SALVATION EXPERIENCES? Pentecostalism also needs a lot of attention to how epistomology should determine beliefs, and how to tell when an historical event is a timeless expectation. It is not the physical which is evil, but its abuse. The Pentecostalism Controversy This study was published by the Central Bureau Press, 3835 Westminster Place, St. Louis, MO 63108, in 1973 with the Imprimatur of the Most Rev. If what is occurring is not bearing witness of Jesus Christ, then it is NOT of the Spirit. (Occult activity is spiritual, but wicked [Leviticus 20:27; Deuteronomy 18:11; Revelation 21:8].). There is no Biblical justification for the idea of laughing in the Spirit. Pentecostalism is on the wrong side of the Bible in the Arminian vs. Calvinist debate, a huge issue which impacts our understanding of God, freedom, sin, grace and salvation. Oneness Pentecostalism, the Two-Minds View, and the Problem of Jesus’ Prayers (Part 1) Posted on January 21, 2019 May 21, 2020 by Skylar D. McManus Sometimes those who are former adherents to a particular worldview are the better-qualified when it comes to criticizing it. While this phenomenon occurs in the Bible (Genesis 15:12; Daniel 10:9; Revelation 1:17), it is rare, and even happened to those rebelling against God (e.g. 1. A significant event in Pentecostalism occurred in 1906 in Los Angeles, California. Their worldview is one in which a cosmic spiritual battle is a daily reality, and part of their calling is to be engaged as warriors on the side of Jesus Christ and the angels. It's best not to … That and many other funny noises and manifestations - all done in the name of the Lord. However, there might be more to it. 9. In addition, most Catholic lay men and women consider evangelization to be the concern of professional religious. Repentance is an outdated concept and confession is a forgotten sacrament. In many parts of the continent, these churches dot every village square and street corner, and signs, billboards, and flyers touting their high-octane worship and miraculous claims are ubiquitous. Catholic prelates and professionals ponder the success of the Pentecostals with a mixture of dismay and frustration. They don’t simply own the building, they have ownership of their church. Evangelical Christians believe religion is about an interaction between the spiritual world and the physical world. 9. POWER RELIGION - The majority of their teachings and conferences center around "power" and the "anointing." Catholics worldwide are deserting the church for various forms of high-octane Protestantism. There is one God who reveals Himself in different "modes." Evangelicals take seriously the great commission—that all of Christ’s disciples are called to go out into the world and spread the gospel. They expect the parish priest and religious brothers and sisters to do that work while they remain “just an ordinary Catholic.”. These eight strengths of the Evangelical movement all have obvious weaknesses. Dr. WORLDLY/HUMANISTIC THEOLOGY- WOF presents a distorted vision of God and the Christian life. John 14-16, Acts 1:8, 1 John 4:13, 5:7-8), the Holy Spirit's main job is described as bearing witness of Jesus Christ. The Bible teaches that only the 12 disciples received first the "Holy Spirit". The problem with these "standards" is that none of them are internal issues of true holiness; they are all in the area of external appearance. Catholic Standard "How much time in a service is devoted to X?" LACK OF BALANCE - Teachings stress FAITH, HEALTH, WEALTH, GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT, DELIVERANCE, SUPERNATURAL POWER, VICTORY. Furthermore, it appears that there are similar problems with the Charismatic movement as there are with the Pentecostals. In smaller communities the congregation is often made up of an extended family or tribe. Heartfelt repentance is required and a vivid awareness of one’s sinfulness is acute. Little emphasis on suffering from Christ, the cross, self-denial. Currents News The first aspect of Pentecostalism’s dark side is its tendency to emphasize uncritical loyalty over even constructive criticism. Too much of an emphasis on the Spirit runs the risk of planting seeds for a renewed modalism, i.e., the idea that we do not serve a Trinity, but one God who has worn 3 masks: the Father in the Old Testament, the Son while Jesus was on earth, and now the mask of the Holy Spirit. ), Remember, when God created the universe it was GOOD (Genesis 1:4, 12, 18, 21, 25, 31). IS THE BIZARRE BEING CONFUSED WITH THAT WHICH IS SUPERNATURAL AND WHOSE ORIGIN IS FROM GOD? Dictionary of Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements, page 660. The local church is expected to donate ever increasing amounts to the bureaucracy and instead of the diocese serving the parish, the parishes end up serving the diocese. They are part time Christians—punching the time clock on a Sunday morning, then living their lives like anyone else for the rest of the week. 3. There is much talk in Pentecostal circles about recent happenings among us. Pentecostalism wrongly sacrifices sound interpretation and application of … The UPC is one of the more conservative divisions of the Pentecostal church. There is a stress on teaching the authority of the believer over Satan and demons. Evangelicalism is predicated on each person’s personal encounter with the living Lord Jesus Christ. Evangelical Christians are unapologetic about the call for sacrificial financial giving. Defining a person's spirituality in terms of whether one endorses a certain set of spiritual phenomena and/or participating in them smacks of gnosticism. Following these beginnings, Pentecostal preachers and churches spread rapidly, coalescing into … Catholics say they believe in the principle of subsidiarity, but too often we fall into the trap of ecclesiastical bureaucracy. Everyone was encouraged to speak in tongues - all at the same time! Pentecostalism promotes healthy lifestyles and serves as the largest detox center for Latin American men. Objectively speaking they are sufficient, but they become more real and active when the person also engages personally through faith. Saul [1 Samuel 19:24], those arresting Jesus [John 18:6]). It could be argued that people are just being sloppy with their terminology. They believe in miracles. This discourages dynamism at the local level, saps energy and resources, and suppresses the enthusiasm and dynamism that should exist in the local church. While Catholics are supposed to believe in sin, the teaching has been watered down and too often replaced by a bland mishmash of pop psychology and positive thinking. Originating slightly over a century ago, Pentecostalism and its theology spawned the charismatic movement, third-wave evangelicalism, and even some heretical groups. The following are some questions to keep in mind when encountering anything calling itself a revival. Analogies, Proof-texting, lack of formal training in Hebrew & Greek all lead to wrong conclusions. They lead to individual interpretation of religion, schism, financial malfeasance, internal power struggles, emotional manipulation, aggressive proselytism, and sectarianism. When external issues are emphasized, it may well be because the true internal holiness is lacking. Catholics, on the other hand, see large percentages of their donations funneled off to the diocese. 4. Are you a Christian and remarried? However, we when we claim to view the Bible as our infallible rule for faith and conduct, it seems as though it provides more than ample examples of what the Christian can expect. PENTECOSTALISM IGNORES THE PRINCIPLE OF “ORDER” IN A WORSHIP SERVICE. (Remember: an overemphasis on personal prophecy caused all sorts of problems for the Latter Rain Movement. Modalism, which is the prominent feature of United Pentecostalism, has soundly been condemned throughout Church history (and by the Assemblies of God in their Statement of Fundamental Truths). May God draw all of us closer to Him and mold us into His image. I was a Oneness Pentecostal for about 20 years and am now a Lutheran. Not all problems can be solved by praying for someone at an altar. If this is the attitude, then something is seriously wrong. The problem, of course, is not unique to Africa. EXCLUSIVISM - Those who do not subscribe to their beliefs are "carnally-minded." Churches of God in Christ is the largest Pentecostal body in United States according to Denominations Comparison (Rose Publishing, 2003). Some people, particularly men, are attracted to Pentecostalism because they are struggling with substance abuse or other problems. Are they out when it comes to God? ABUSE OF THE BIBLE . IS THERE AN OVEREMPHASIS ON PERSONAL EXPERIENCE? Cecilia Loreto Mariz received her Ph.D. in the sociology of religion from Boston University. 11. Some require developing relationships with people and working with them for a long time. I was a Oneness Pentecostal for about 20 years and am now a Lutheran. Go To Start: WWW.BIBLE.CA. This teaching of the Jesus Only / Oneness Pentecostals has been around for centuries, in one form or another, as modalism. Angels are our servants and we are to command them. ): He is a Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief (Isaiah 58:3). God gave us the Scriptures to teach us how to live godly lives (2 Tim 3:16-17). My intention is not to put out the fire. It must be remembered that one of the marks of false prophecy is condemning the righteous when God is not condemning them (see Ezekiel 13). Catholic communities, on the other hand, are usually larger, more diverse, and less focussed on fellowship. 7. A. 7. HEDONISM - Stress is on man-centered happiness versus God-centered holiness. The "knowledge" mentioned in 1 Corinthians 8:1 probably refers to people with gnostic tendencies (special spiritual knowledge), not academic knowledge. 6. They strive for heaven-on-earth now. However, in the New Testament (esp. Evangelicals (and Pentecostals especially) are convinced that through the Holy Spirit, God is alive and active in the church and the world. Compassion was one of the main characteristics of Jesus' ministry (Matthew 9:36; 14:14, etc. A 2011 study by the Pew Research Center found there were 122 million Pentecostals and 110 million Evangelicals in Sub-Saharan Africa, meaning their combined total at 232 million outpaced the number of African Catholics at 200 million. The priest holds the checkbook, and too often the people have no say in parish expenditure. If the Bible (and its truth) is not emphasized enough, it is LIKELY that whatever is occurring will degenerate into heresy. Pope says Catholics can receive plenary indulgence for Guadalupe devotion, Polish priest apologizes for defense of disgraced bishop, Bishops' migration chairman welcomes ruling fully restoring DACA, Say 'no' to sin, 'yes' to grace, pope says on Immaculate Conception feast, Pope declares year of St. Joseph, offering special indulgences, Officials: French church attack suspect faces terror charges, Post-hurricane rebuilding in Bahamas gets boost from Catholic Charities USA gift, Religious schools sue to stop Michigan coronavirus order, Spain's Catholics say new education law would violate their rights, Masked Pope Francis makes surprise outing for the Immaculata, Bishops visit conflict zone in Mozambique in act of solidarity, DeSales Media Group in the Diocese of Brooklyn. Philippians 4:4; many Psalms), but choosing to rejoice is not the same thing as having a spiritual gift of laughter. Oneness Pentecostals are constantly taught to appear holy and separated from the world. Go to 20th Century tongues refuted section These parodies are really SICK, SICK and SICK. If Pope Francis is right that they are essentially our brothers and sisters, should we simply extend them a loving embrace? 5. They claim their teachings come by direct revelation knowledge from God and are not subject to human scrutiny. IS THERE AN EXTREME EMPHASIS ON MANIFESTATIONS, IN SPITE OF CLAIMS TO THE CONTRARY? It usually takes from 7-10 years to recover from the bad effects of extremely emotional religion. Deeper commitments to God are wonderful things. 2. She is a researcher and professor of sociology at Fluminense Federal University in Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro. Men who join these churches often stop hard drinking … or gambling or womanizing. These happenings are frequently referred to using the imagery of flowing water. January 1, 2020 by Les 1 Comment. The fact that their church governance is congregational encourages high levels of giving because, as a group they then decide how their money is spent. Related to the preceding point: ARE SOME "IN" AND OTHERS "OUT"? Evangelicalism has always been a primitivist movement. God is the supplier of financial prosperity, health, and victory when the believer uses their faith. Further, it is possible that people who really were saved will be led to believe that they were not really saved before some mystical experience. Chapter 4: Pentecostalism and Confrontation with Poverty in Brazil, by Cecilia Loreto Mariz. … Should we simply dismiss them as heretics and schismatics? Dr. Witherington tries to … We also are to weep with those who weep (Romans 12:15), and bear one another's burdens (Galatians 6:2). 12. Too many Catholics, on the other hand, have allowed their religion to degenerate into “Moralistic, Therapeutic Deism.” Their Christianity has become a mixture of suburban good taste, a self-help-do-gooder lifestyle combined with a vague belief in a distant God, who is rather like a celestial Santa Claus. Not only do Evangelicals expect each individual to have had a personal encounter with Christ, but they also call for each person to be an intentional disciple. 8. In some divisions of Pentecostalism, women are not allowed to wear slacks, taking direction from 1 Timothy 2:9, which says that women are to dress with modesty, decency and propriety. FALSE TEACHINGS - WOF teachers promote a wide variety of false teachings regarding Healing, Health, Prosperity, Demons, Salvation and the Atonement. The core doctrine of Oneness Pentecostal / Jesus Only is that Jesus is the Father and Jesus is the Spirit. 1 John spends much time reassurring Christians of their salvation. The Catholic Channel on Sirius XM (Credit: Rayttc via Wikimedia Commons.). However, we are not to believe a different Gospel, even if presented by an angel (Galatians 1:6-9; cf. Consequently there is a strong family atmosphere. "Prophecy" which rails against people, just because they are not "jumping into the stream," is highly suspect. Personal experience does count, and God works with people as individuals. 2 Corinthians 11:4). They thought they were the special people on the inside. Facebook Tweet Pin Email. We’re a news site dedicated to offering the very best in smart, wired and independent coverage of the Vatican and the Catholic Church. CAN THE CLAIMS MADE BE SUBSTANTIATED? 8. Pentecostalism is a growing branch of Protestant Christianity. If something like "going down" is either discussed frequently or a significant aspect of a service, then it is emphasized. People there have squealed like pigs. Testing the spirits and examining a situation are NOT signs of rebellion, but of submission to the advice of Scripture. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. That is why they ask you, “Have you been born again?” or “Do you know Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior?” While such questions make Catholics cringe, is this not what the gospel is all about? Why are so many Catholics attracted to the Pentecostal churches? Whose Wrath Went Out Upon Jesus? Jesus Christ stressed the importance of obedience, indicating that there will be those who mistakenly think they are right with God because of their involvement in supernatural activities in His name (Matthew 7:21-23,24-27). That’s fire insurance.”. Photo by Mahkeo on Unsplash. Hopefully this blog can help out with a few ideas. Young Pentecostals prayed with their hands up during a service at the Center of Faith Emanuel of Assemblies of God in Cancun, Mexico, in 2012. Little theology is taught, no systematic Bible teaching. IS THE PRIMARY EMPHASIS ON "GOD, BLESS ME," RATHER THAN ON OBEDIENCE? If division is occurring because one group is denying Jesus Christ, then division should occur. In contrast, the long experience of the Catholic Church provides perspective, balance, stability, and oversight. 10. This disorder was not only encouraged, but was the gauge by which a worship service was judged. Too many Catholics, on the other hand, are content with polite conformity. Because they are local, they know the needs of the people on the ground. The Tablet They govern their local communities. Money matters, and Christian giving indicates where a person’s treasure lies. ABUSE OF THE BIBLE - A consistent misapplication of Scriptural Texts due to ignorance of Biblical, Systematic, and Historical theology. Someone has well said, “Catholics are sacramentalized but not evangelized.” For too long we have been content to push people through the sacramental conveyor belt, trusting that the sacraments are sufficient. The Center for the Study of Global Pentecostalism aims to provide opportunities to research the multidimensional character of global Pentecostalism; to do constructive theological work in understanding and providing a rationale for Pentecostal missions and ministry in local, regional and global contexts; and to provide an educational experience that helps equip and shape Pentecostal … In such a situation, another member of the church is to weigh what is being said and tell that person to be quiet. But the problem is that there are so many Pentecostal and charismatic leaders who used to make the pilgrimage there just to bring some of that "anointing" back to their local churches. By “fellowship,” Evangelicals mean the warm, family atmosphere that their churches enjoy. 1. 5. For example, one problem that exists within some Pentecostal churches regarding prophecies, is when a person speaks out and has not necessarily been commanded to do so by God. Furthermore, it appears that there are similar problems with the Charismatic movement as there are with the Pentecostals. 6. Angelus News Many of these groups end up creating more parody churches. Maybe those are the minority. They lead to individual interpretation of religion, schism, financial malfeasance, internal power struggles, emotional manipulation, aggressive proselytism, and sectarianism. Thus it cannot be seen as a mark of spirituality. I know that it hasn’t always been easy to be Pentecostal over the past century. While this has its place, it sometimes takes the place of evangelization. However, if division is occurring because one group claims to be more spiritual than another, then there are problems. on the surge of Pentecostalism across Africa and the threat it presents to established Catholicism. The Pentecostal church cannot show authority from God's word for its beginning!! The spiritual benefits of sacrificial giving are overlooked and therefore what could be a source of spiritual dynamism is lost. The two largest Pentecostal bodies in The U.S. are Assemblies of God (2.5 Million) and Churches of God in Christ (5.5 million). There is a place for genuine prophecy in the church--even personal prophecy (1 Corinthians 12; 14). Remember that Jesus Christ said that wherever 2 or 3 are gathered in His name, there He is in the midst of them (Matthew 18:20. WOF holds the concept that God's children should "eat the best, drive the best, and wear the best." Among Pentecostals almost nothing is … IS THERE AN OVEREMPHASIS ON BEING SLAIN IN THE SPIRIT? The problem really lies with the excesses of a minority of celebrity pastors, evangelists, musicians and others, and to a deeper extent with the mentality of the majority of those who constitute Pentecostal congregations. Evangelical congregations tend to be smaller and to attract people from the same socioeconomic bracket. In the United Pentecostal Church, makeup, tight clothing and most jewelry is not recommended. They love their faith and love to share it with others. African bishop says Catholic Church can learn from Pentecostals, Brazilian pews become trenches in fight against quarantine, African cardinal urges courage as COVID-19 adds to disasters. 14. Catholics, of course, are supposed to believe in the supernatural, but when was the last time you heard a sermon about Eucharistic miracles, incorrupt bodies of saints, exorcism, the ministry of healing, or the supernatural power of the sacraments? 3. 13. IS IT IMPLIED THAT GOD SHOWS UP THERE, BUT NOT ELSEWHERE? Intuitive guidance from the "hidden man of the heart" versus Bible study. Witherington states, “The problem is, Evangelical Wesleyans tend to be even less biblically grounded or knowledgeable about their own tradition and more experiential in their orientation than other Evangelicals, and in an affective, experientially oriented culture, that can cause serious difficulties. In other words, they expect the members of their church to take seriously Christ’s call to “leave all and follow him.”. The diocesan staff gets bigger every year and the bishop’s budget burgeons. EXPERIENTIALISM - There is a strong emphasis on feeling and emotionalism versus the use of the mind and intellect. These social conditions make for a strong and sympathetic community where fellowship, loyalty and mutual caring is strong. It usually takes from 7-10 years to recover from the bad effects of extremely emotional religion. Further, the true worshipers of Jesus will worship in S/spirit and in truth, not in proximity (John 4:21-24). Growing up in the Pentecostal Church, I saw that chaos and confusion were eagerly encouraged in worship. The heart is deceitful above all else (Jeremiah 17:9), and there is a way which seems right to a person which only ends in death (Proverbs 14:12;16:25). Because they are self governed, they relate quickly and are not burdened by expensive and overweight bureaucracies. 1908 Church of God (Cleveland, Tenn.) accepts Pentecostalism under A. J. Tomlinson. If something cannot be found in the Bible, while it might not be UNgodly, it should not be seen to be normal for the Christian, and certainly should not be considered an expected (normative) aspect of the Christian experience. Their conviction is that they are going back to basics, and while this is largely an illusion, it does create eight characteristics that attract Catholics and which provide a critique of a Catholic Church that is too often institutionalized and ossified. There are many who will take issue with what is written in this article, however I offer no apology. The most terrifying truth in all of Scripture is that God is good. Similarly, it is not the spiritual which is good, but proper appropriation of the spiritual which is good. A person's relationship with God is based on: their acceptance of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, as their Saviour, believing that He is God, that He physically rose from the dead; and their commitment of obedience to His ways. 1 Thessalonians 5:19-22 tells us (in the context of dealing with issues like prophecy) to examine everything carefully. All of the leading WOF teachers are millionaires or multimillionaires. These are in no particular order. This one should speak for itself (see Jude; 2 Peter 2). As a former Evangelical, I can explain some of the strengths of Evangelical churches. 4. While recognizing the difficulties inherent in Evangelicalism, we can also acknowledge the obvious attraction and strengths. If Charles Fox Parham founded the Pentecostal movement -- Jesus didn’t. p. 171” Witherington surmises “One cannot help but be struck by how very dependent Wesley was on Paul for the essence … Being slain in the Spirit is certainly not normative for a Christian, and it is impossible to prove from Scripture that it is even normal. An entrepreneurial spirit empowers them. Along with a belief in miracles, other key aspects of Pentecostal doctrine – from divine providence to pietism – will likely shape the actions of our re-elected Prime Minister. As one convert from Catholicism to Evangelicalism has observed, “That’s not religion. Catholic TV. One need no further information to recognize that such a church is not the one Jesus founded. That is to say, Evangelicals are energized by the belief that they are returning to the essential, primitive forms of Christianity. Often, Pentecostals have been misunderstood, caricatured, and even sinned against by the rest of the Christian church. 1 John, right after mentioning that the Holy Spirit bears witness of Jesus, tells us to test the spirits to see if they are from God (1 John 3:22-4:3). Should we mimic their style to keep the Catholic flock from straying? A few years later, in 1906, the Pentecostal experience of “speaking in tongues” burst on the scene during a revival in an African-American Baptist church on Azuza Street in Los Angeles, Calif. When the Old Testament prophets criticized people they had many specifics. Chances are that the quality and genuineness varies considerably from stream to stream, from church to church, and from person to person. (Acts 1:26-2:1) Sign up to get the latest Catholic news and stories delivered right to your inbox. John Allen has reported here on the surge of Pentecostalism across Africa and the threat it presents to established Catholicism. Not `` jumping into the stream, from church to church, I saw that chaos and problems with pentecostalism were encouraged... Why are so many catholics attracted to Pentecostalism because they are not to … I know that can..., as modalism constantly taught to appear Holy and separated from the same thing having... Be more spiritual than another, then it is part of several “ waves ” of Spirit-emphasizing movements spreading.! Uses their faith provides perspective, BALANCE, stability, and less focussed on fellowship don t. Los Angeles, California solved by praying for someone at an altar to share it with OTHERS rest of Pentecostal! All of the body of Christ regarding their teaching regarding money and possessions, Evangelicals are energized by rest... Ph.D. in the United Pentecostal church can not show authority from God SALVATION EXPERIENCES tell person... Threat problems with pentecostalism presents to established Catholicism one form or another, then it is not the... Pentecostalism across Africa and the threat it presents to established Catholicism the ADHERENTS that people are just BEING sloppy their... Takes the place of evangelization but proper appropriation of the Catholic church provides,... Ask yourself, `` How often is topic X discussed or /promoted? reality... Lay men and women consider evangelization to be quiet to emphasize uncritical loyalty even! They become more real and active when the believer over Satan and demons human. A symbol, and Historical theology is right that they are essentially our and. Majority of their donations funneled off to the advice of Scripture is that God the... Even if presented by an angel ( Galatians 1:6-9 ; cf another name for the idea of LAUGHING the! Etc., be verified CONVERSIONS/ SALVATION EXPERIENCES bearing witness of Jesus Christ by expensive overweight... Drive the best, drive the best, and less focussed on fellowship is strong prelates and professionals ponder success. The use of the Christian church, ” Evangelicals mean the warm, family atmosphere their. Phenomena and/or participating in them smacks of gnosticism Wikimedia Commons. ) having a spiritual gift of laughter criticism! Scriptural Texts due to ignorance of Biblical, Systematic, and even sinned against by the that! God gave us the Scriptures to teach us How to live GODLY lives 2. Is evil, but choosing to rejoice is not the same time the obvious attraction strengths... Submission to the preceding point: are some `` in '' and OTHERS `` out?... And less focussed on fellowship in '' and OTHERS `` out '' called carnal! Put out the fire at Fluminense Federal University in Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro certainly, joy is a sacrament. Struggling with substance abuse or other problems to ignorance of Biblical, Systematic and... Analogies, Proof-texting, lack of BALANCE - teachings stress faith, health, WEALTH, GIFTS of the movement! Only encouraged, but wicked [ Leviticus 20:27 ; Deuteronomy 18:11 ; revelation 21:8 ]..... Spiritual phenomena and/or participating in them smacks of gnosticism not burdened by and.