As such, if the pin feather is damaged, a bird can bleed heavily. 1 decade ago. They aren't smooth-looking like the others. Look for feathers that are thick, glossy, and smooth. Actually it doesn't look like a feather at all. My boybird, Finnie, he had really really bad feathers and that was because his handler before me gave him a horrible horrible diet. If the tips of the feathers look ragged and blackened, the cockatiel is either stressed or sick. However, unlike a fully developed feather, the pin feather has a blood supply flowing through it. See more ideas about Cockatiel, Pet birds, Budgies. I.e. Cockatoos can also sleep like this. Often it will stand on one foot. Like human hair, feathers are youngest at their base. It isn't serious and once his tailfeathers molt, he will replace them with gorgeous new ones. Feathers with ragged edges are not a good sign. The feather remains inside the follicle, under the skin. A cockatoo that is resting or will soon go to sleep, will put his feathers a little bit up (it will look fluffy) and will move the feathers around to bill to cover part of the underside of the bill (see picture). Dear Marie, I adopted an adult cockatiel from the Irvine Animal Care Center in 2006. 115 talking about this. Allergies. Most broken blood feathers are fairly easy to identify, as you will be able to see the blood coming directly out of the feather shaft. This is called, survival of the fittest. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. If you are unable to determine whether or not a broken blood feather is the source of your bird's bleeding, take your bird to an avian vet as quickly as possible for an examination and treatment. Answer Save. In some cockatiel breedings, female cockatiels carry light yellow patches on the bottom of the wings.. While it is a cosmetic option for us, a parrot relies on healthy feathering for their mobility, insulation and water repellency. It is becoming more and more noticeable each day and curving more and now I can see smaller ones are starting to grow around it. By the time a pet bird actually shows an owner that it is unwell, it has likely been sick for some time. For humans, when we see split ends or chipping nails we typically choose to get a trim. It's very important to understand that training a cockatiel takes time and lots of patience. The tail looks like your bird was in a cage that was too small for him and his tailfeathers were dragged along the bottom of the cage. A day later and all dry he hasn't fluffed to normal looking. As a result, African Greys, Cockatoos, Cockatiels and Amazons that produce this powder are called powder down birds. In addition, the poop might have a bad smell. A defensive cockatiel will hold its crest feathers flattened close its head, and it might be especially stressed if it also hisses. Our cockatiels tail feathers look oily and dirty, we noticed it when it was about an inch and half from the tip, now it - Answered by a verified Bird Specialist. The pin feather looks somewhat like a feather shaft. If it wasn't the cage, cagemates can also chew on another birds tail and it will look ragged like this. As soon as he got the foods I feed Toni his feathers started to look REALLY REALLY good. photo by Puddings & Toyboys Feathers, like our hair and nails, dry out and lose their luster as time goes by. If your cockatiel is healthy it will take care of its feathers by preening. Down to a small feeding at night only. Dust from the Amazon is less noticeable than the other breeds because it is darker and often goes unnoticed. Recently, he … Other possible causes are listed below. When a cockatiel is trying to attract a mate, he may let the feathers on the top of his head curl up into a crest. Look for the cresting of the head feathers. I own a cockatiel that I've had since July 3rd, and I love him to death! As feathers mature, their tips get pushed away from the papilla, where the newest parts of the feather form. Cockatiel head feathers? Keep an eye out for bald patches, which indicate poor nutrition or sickness. Pinfeathers (or blood feathers) look like pins poking up through the skin which is probably why they are called what they are called. Basically, it creates a little curlicue on the top of his head. My cockatiel is 10 weeks old now, he is almost finished weening. The only thing that's bad with him is the dust from his feathers. However, he could also be defending his territory with this gesture. The feathers should have a smooth look? The female cockatiel of normal grey cockatiel mutation has light-colored orange dots. KIRA. Beth659 on August 21, 2019: Hi there, just got a 8 week old cockatiel, the breeder gave him a bath before i received him. A relaxed cockatiel will have slightly held back crest feathers, as well as fluffed cheek feathers and you might also hear it contentedly grinding its beak. You begin to notice a bald spot, it’s even getting larger and every newly growing feather gets pulled out as well. Relevance. Cockatiel Droppings, what normal and abnormal droppings look like, cockatiels diarrhea, cockatiels constipation, cockatiels blood in droppings, cockatiels, watery droppings, yellow dropping, green droppings, blood in droppings, red droppings, what do cockatiel droppings look like, what do bird droppings look like. Favorite Answer. He doesn't appear to be ill. These are the live, immature feathers with a blood supply that is growing out to replace an old feather that the bird has molted. I'm a new tiel owner and visited another pet store today to get my bird some new toys. As for the strange feathers, on his back it started with one feather on his back that looks exactly like a flexible piece of plastic or a stripped feather sticking out and curving a little. Training Tips. Many things contribute to ill health. This body language shows that the cockatoo is calm and is resting. Treating Your Bird's Broken Blood Feather . Should I be concerned? Weve been using this, since Novmber 2019 for our 29 year old CAG and weve definitely noticed less over preening and plucking, the feathers shes got look healthier however we havent seen any new growth yet, we are holding out hope that we will but she may have done too much damage to get all her feathers back, but the most important part is that shes no longer pulling them out! If they put their head feathers up, it means they are interested. Why Do My Cockatiel Tail Feathers Look So Scruffy?