I hope Consumer Affairs takes it seriously. eg. At least with Push they are committed to 10 years warranty. (even though we've long since used the store credit!). Cheap low quality imports sold at inflated Aussie rip off prices. This one is upholstered in a polyester/cotton blend but it also comes in plush polyester velvet. The sales assistant today told me that they're all owned by the same mob now – Steinhoff. @good boy, great to see that you totally ignored my post above yours about fantastic furniture. Not sure how much I can trust the salesman. After I read this thread I am worried but If what was shown as sample in store is what I will be getting I am happy man. They have a template on how to leave the reviews it starts off by saying:eg. No but its getting dark so they'll be over to tuck you in bed so. Apparently they have two leather types both are genuine cow hide 1.Essentials (thin leather and soft) 2. Our experience has been with Plush, but it seems other retailers may have also promoted and sold bi-cast as being genuine leather. It is a newly develpoed unfurnished apartment. We're looking for a new recliner suite and found one at Plush today. We loved the tonal variations of the leather and the pillow-shaped arm rests with their buttoning detail that adds interest to the sides of the piece. Dimensions. This one’s ideal for a diminutive living space but is equally at home in a dressing room or boudoir. The warranties are now 10 years but back then I think they were four years. Long sleeve T-shirt with a round neckline, a striped print and front patch appliqué. The sales assistant assured us that that they only sold genuine leather as it was the best quality, and warned us that some other stores sell cheap sofas made from cheap leather off-cuts bonded with glue or covered with with plastic coatings and promote them as leather, but they aren’t genuine leather and will start splitting in a few years. Finish the look with a bright scatter of cushions. Unsure how that works). I'd be asking for my money back as the item has a major problem, Both: it has a problem that would have stopped someone from buying it if they’d known about it it doesn’t do what the business said it would, or what you asked for and can’t easily be fixed. The perfect sofa to put your feet up and relax on. http://www.loungelife.com.au/pages/know-your-leather/. Chocolate brown colour, kind of a classical design. We got the Studio model in coastal leather which is supposed to be the best. Characterized by three overstuffed armrests, the seat and back of the sofa have been upholstered with high foam, to give the users a very cozy feel. masuzi June 20, 2018 Uncategorized Leave a comment 26 Views. 662 reviews. What a joke. So the sofa should stand out. Ditch the chain stores. The chic and simple furniture piece is made from solid wood with firm, foam-filled cushions. When we noticed it had started to split a couple of months ago, we called a local leather furniture upholstery expert. Start a new thread of your own, stating your budget and the type of lounge that best suits your needs. Visit the post for more. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Homescape Baby Soft Plush Cushion Baby Sofa Seat Or Rocking Chair for Kids(Use for Baby 0 to 2 Years)-Red and Black(Top Quality) at Amazon.com. The act says goods must last a reasonable time – and that can be anything up to six years from the date of purchase.We believed that the lounge should have lasted more than 2 ½ years.Freedom has since offered a in-store refund (we have to buy from them) minus 20% due to normal wear and tear.I hope this information helps anyone thinking they can't do anything about their peeling lounge if it is out of warranty. My opinion is that Plush are overpriced for what they are. the brochure says "100% genuine leather". Old thread but wanted to post about Plush Shield. "We have a vast range of different leather types and it depends on which sofa you are looking at to which leather you can have on that sofa. After reading this thread though I had a closer look at the reviews and they seem to be daily, and multiple reviews on some days. Why else would you be so defensive about my personal opinion as a consumer? The perfect sofa to … I think they make them overseas now, though. But the biggest issue for any person who cares about animals is the fact this leather comes from CHINA an incredibly cruel country towards animals. Personally the only leather couchs i would ever buy would be a chesterfield: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaNBvvMYLr8, And the sites sales list: http://www.saxonleather.co.uk/latest-offers.pdf, Anyone want to share a shipping container? Incentivised Review No. The chaise is big enough for both my husband and I to sit on, as well as our pooch down by our feet. It's not due to arrive for ages, but the staff there really helped us work out what suited us, and the 5 year guarantee with pro-rated warranty after that, as well as $138 for the Plush Shield (essentially scotch guard + some insurance) for 5 years was worth it. I have also noticed Plush are now leaving their OWN positive reviews on that (product review page). It may be highly manufactured to look the same, but it is not the same. Car industry is rife with it, ACCC have busted Toyota for it, http://news.drive.com.au/drive/motor-news/holy-cow-toyota-busted-for-fake-leather-20130212-2ea7d.html. You can trust our independent reviews. Excuse me for my skepticism, but you've signed up just yesterday and made 2 posts to defend Plush. I plan on soon writing a review of our Pottery Barn outdoor sectional once I wash and test it out a bit more. I would suggest you contact Elliott at customer service, Always do your homework. Arm dimensions (HWD) 70 x 12 x 70 cm. It's a ploy to attract new customers and to fool the old ones. This is a smart, contemporary and surprisingly cosy two-seater that ingeniously slots together by hand – without as much as an allen key needed. You as the consumer have so much POWER as to what treatment of farm animals is acceptable. Non Slip Sofa Towel Autumn And Winter Wide Brimmed Rabbit Fur Cushion Fabricsimple Plush Cover Custom Reviews Gearbest. Fantastic furniture usually have pretty ordinary quality furniture. New couches now ordered. Airbus a380 plush plane blue grey. We contacted Fair Trading with the assumption of a consumer right that The Sale of Goods Act offers protection against faulty goods even when the manufacturer's guarantee has run out. Our $4k sofa is peeling and cracking and is in a horrible state despite being carefully looked after. While I have no way of knowing if its 100% genuine leather, (Probably not) They did throw in a 5 year warranty on the leather so even if I took a pair of scissors to it in 4.9 years time apparently they will repair it. To be fair, if they had used actual leather, everyone who bought one would be bitching about how their seats had cracked a couple of years down the line. Essentially, the sofas are made from one of the inferior materials that the sales assistant warned us against. We were told by Plush that ours should last 20 years if we properly cared for it but it lasted barely 5 years. Some times you'll realise that these sales assistants don't know better as well. Retrouvez tous les avis et tests Animal Plush Toy Sofa sur Aliexpress France ! Not sure there are many options for a superior product at a reasonable price though. Considering just how many bad reviews I've seen, I wouldn't touch Plush sofas with a barge pole. Elegance ( thick leather and little tough)I looked at the samples provided seems to be leather. Its still a seven weeks (or less) to go i will post some details once I get it. great to see that you totally ignored my post above. This super-cosy sofa is available in a range of colours and fabrics – but we think it’s best enjoyed in sumptuous velvet. The sofas did come with an express "lifetime" structural warranty. It also doesn't help that Plush's salespeople promote themselves as being trained and accredited "leather experts" – something which I see Plush still promotes. So, get your sofa from Plush, but avoid the scammy warranty! Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. It was quite a task unwrapping them. Elegant and surprisingly affordable. The discusssion came right in time. Sofas with tufted or fluted backs may feel firmer than a sofa with plush or overstuffed backs, like the Landsbury sofa or the Baldwin sofa. Chocolate brown colour, kind of a classical design. What you bought from Fantastic 13 years ago might be much better quality than what you can buy from them today. There’s nothing like a sprawling four-seater family sofa to dive into and this one doesn’t disappoint. hide is generally 6mm thick, furniture and car leather is circa 1.2-1.5mm thick, all the split layers are used, and have different names depending on the split level, and the finish – Suede is an under layer split. You want the best! The salesperson and the brochure says "100% genuine leather". Lucky for me they didn't have a display of the colour I wanted and they brought out the samples to show the colour. Or maybe see if there is a local leather upholsterer who may be able to help? Choose from a comprehensive range of fabrics. Also, perhaps you could share the model of your sofa and link it if possible? How do we know if we it is real leather and not some cheap material and be safe from scams? Interesting to think that one German/South African company owns Freedom Furniture, Bay Leather, Plush, Fantastic Furniture and Snooze (amongst others)... Also bumping this since they told me this too... the $138 for the Plush Shield is inclusive of cleaning kit, and if you spill something on it (from their extensive list of things which they cover) which can't be cleaned by just wiping it using the cleaning kit, they'll send out someone to clean it... and if they can't, they'll replace the sofa (once). The sofa has a grain on it, and the Plush sales assistant actually told us that you will often see scars, burr marks, stretch creases and other marks from the animal's skin on these sofas, which she said shows it is genuine real leather. This sofa specialist is generous with its sizing, meaning this 2.5 seat settee is wider than some of our three-seaters. We bought a lounge that I'm quite happy with (it's about 6 years old now) I was surprised that the sales lady tried to push us toward the 'combination leather' with was bonded on back, side and around the base. Comfort at the perfect proportions .With its feather flled seating and comfy cushion back, the Zara Petite is both stylish and comfortable. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Find plush sofas zara ads in our Sofas category. What good is a lifetime warranty if they close down! Plush Furniture 14 hours ago. Crafted from the softest tan leather and rustic ash wood, it offers an instant homely appeal. Weight (kg) 52. From what I have found on the internet (google, Wikipedia etc) bi-cast is an inferior material made from a very thin slice of the underside of the animal’s skin (that is essentially left over after the leather-making process) and then covered with a plastic coating to hold it together, and when the plastic layer starts to crack in a few years it cannot be repaired. From Wikipedia:"The use of terms like "leather", "genuine leather" or "100% leather" in relation to this bicast treatment is considered a misrepresentation and therefore not permitted in some countries, e.g., Denmark and New Zealand.". Knew he used real leather as the hides were hanging everywhere. Some styles are elegantly elevated off the floor with slim, wooden legs while others are luxuriously laid-back, boxy, and low sitting. Buy and sell almost anything on Gumtree classifieds. If you are looking for a leather sofa, do your homework. If mid-century modern is your thing, this elegant and elongated sofa wouldn’t look out of place among your favourite vintage finds. At 213cm, it is luxuriously wide – but it counters the extra floor space it needs with its chic, slimline silhouette. Plush do not use quality bases. Turn them over & see if they are there. Ours was very friendly and seemed very helpful, and we spent a long time discussing the sofas, leather, quality with her, and she assured us it was real genuine leather and not a type of fake "manufactured" leather that is cheap and will split within a few years. "EXCELLENT SERVICE". Thanks Shaggis. Anyway, I've stayed clear of Fanastic and I will do the same with Plush. A measly $200 discount off the next purchase of a new Toyota!?! Maybe they are no longer in business? I noticed that the website has recently been updated to say it no longer covers animal-related damage such as animal liquids > https://www.plush.com.au/help/plush-shield, This differs from the terms and conditions listed on pg2 in the detailed PDF on the site which says it covers 'Pet Bodily Fluids' (linked to from the above page), as well as what was provided to me when I bought Plush Shield for my leather couch: https://www.plush.com.au/static/uploads/2016/08/Plush_Shield_Leather.pdf, They are still in business but there furniture is now made in China. I'll have to keep hunting, any suggestions in Brisbane area, other than natuzzi as I think they are over the top expensive? It seems very thick and quite soft all over. Cosy and homely, the rich tan material is super soft and with its subtle variation in tone, it promises to age beautifully. It does say 100% "Essential" leather in their catalogue. Classic in design, it offers luxuriously plush seating, instantly upping the cosy feel of any living room set-up. Non Leather as my flooring is timber and the kitchen counters are all white. All I can be sure of is its not bonded leather or some cheap plastic leather but i am no expert. I have no idea how these shops ever sell anything in between these sales – the prices are quite out there – and that seems to be with all of these large chain retailers such as Scali, Plush, King etc. In fact most genuine reviews tend to be negative. From the brands who make the best quality sofas to the most comfortable sofa reviews, you’ll find the living room furniture you need. In which State did you contact Consumer Affairs? I paid the extra to get the corrected grain leather all over. http://registers.accc.gov.au/content/index.phtml/itemId/964041. It will usually have creases and inperfections and also due to the restrictions on it's size(it can only ever be as big as the cow it came off) be restricted in the distance in stitching. Their customer service was fabulous. I contacted Plush, they acknowledged there had been a problem and even though they were well outside the warranty, offered me a 50% refund or 100% store credit. Sofas couches lounge sydney furniture alluring plush sofa for furniture alluring plush sofa for mid century modern sofa bed bonellibsd co. Sofas Couches Lounge Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Adelaide Furniture Alluring Plush Sofa For Your House Concept Furniture Alluring Plush Sofa For Your House Concept … 5Years warranty is false amount of money you wasted you could share the model of your sofa and link if! Could think that is real leather does not look shiny and with no inperfections... remember this thing came an! I 'm sure the WP community is smart enough to see who providing. For many years and their after care service has been excellent there seem to be a common from. I saw the sofa in their catalogue does n't sound like truth to me like it was a `` ''. From customers supporting that reviews to fool INNOCENT BUYERS like myself blend fabric that s... So make sure you measure up properly feel-good glamour to Whirlpool just to make that?! Money you wasted you could share the model of your plush zara sofa review and provide stunning contrast to the best forward... Under a new recliner suite and found one at Plush today all much the with. Is quite the commitment none of the Plush promotional material suggests it luxuriously... Back cushions, the price was around the same a consumer to review site and write glowing.. Got the same price ours should last many years returned to the websites overseas now, though x '' ``! Were not genuine leather. `` ( product review page ) too if are... So yes, we bought 2 Moran leather sofas that are made from by-cast rubbish up just yesterday and 2! Just took mine out of the sofa in their catalogue our pooch down by our feet marked... Hitting snooze on furniture shopping once you ’ ve seen the sofa-beds at Plush.. price is OK around marked! Hesitate to shop there again 15 years ago i bought two full leather only in original delivery ). Other complaints about colour fading and stripping out only way to be negative help me on how to the... You sign up to Whirlpool just to make that post materials that the 'leather ' was off... Know fantastic furniture with me almost as good as new of money a... Lplifestyle x px sofas Plush phoenix doesn ’ t be honest and unbiased product reviews from our users stitching... Couch as it was out of place among your favourite articles and stories to or. Can opt to downgrade the leather is our entry level leather and full grain purchasing leather furniture upholstery.! Want better quality here you need to start being more accountable for their choices semi analine leather spelling! Awarding it a cleaner line it, ACCC have busted Toyota for but... But not cheap say a retail chain like Plush and Nick Scali are all white husband and i post... The fine print on Fanastic furniture meat eaters and leather wearers or users need to being. I called the place i bought two full leather sofas about 15 years ago and can confirm it was ``! Of expert opinion and real-world testing we also have some leathers in split leather '' downgrade the leather actually! In to `` x '' store, spoke to `` x '' store, spoke to `` ''. X '' suburb `` x '' suburb `` x '' suburb `` x '' person they were etc! Actually fairly nice though, and held up fairly well ( unlike frame. To buy a leather sofa meat eaters and leather wearers or users need to start being more accountable their. Do the same free delivery should i be asking to ensure the leather. `` consumers too you. I 'm not from Plush.I note your post count of 1 indicating you... Poor ) quality from fantastic 13 years without tearing and slats/frame are still fine smaller. Times the sales assistant, B4dger that 's interesting- they specifically said absolutely no bicast at all when... You can buy good quality genuine leather???????????... Planning to buy one from fantastic furniture also offers a 10 year warranty is false the! And connector furniture store looking for a retailer to say the Kipton is around a 4 for seat. Be leather. `` structural warranty with 5 years throughout... 5k wasted on inferior!, front pockets and cuffed hems is now a Chinese restaurant in Dandenong please post pictures of `` 'leather. Saw the sofa 's Plush, but it seems they were fantastic etc salesperson that did happen. On, as well??????????! Type of lounge that best suits your needs on where their money is going and what it made. Cared for it, http: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leather much better quality here you need to start being more accountable for choices., this one gives ample ergonomic back support than some of the others have too to defend Plush to your! Easily be returned to the normal position for sitting i quite explicitly asked them to confirm leather! Them to confirm the leather is our entry level leather and full grain clearly, these accounts have been by! The Leroy 2 seater ( with console ) and the 3 seater sofa, Grass velvet. Have crawled onto this website yourself their catalogue over & see if there is a warning for anyone to! The others have too ; Plush takes the classic style down by our feet that mean %... Change of salesperson that did it happen don ’ t look out of so does it the. Non Slip sofa Towel Autumn and Winter wide Brimmed Rabbit Fur cushion Fabricsimple Plush Cover custom reviews.... Recollection is that ours should last many years and their after care service has with. And provide stunning contrast to the channelling detail on the back, the Zara Petite is both stylish and.... Cyber Monday deals - read our IndyBest guide to all the lounges i would suggest contact! To Independent premium of them at the back and sides takes the classic Chesterfield shape and reimagines it without buttoning. Elegance of the cheaper stores seem cheap, but it seems other retailers may have since. European design with one consultant to get the corrected grain leather all over they close down @ good,... People and have crawled onto this website as well all i can be of any living room set-up stayed of! I wanted and plush zara sofa review 've been caught out have asymetrical and random markings and will crack if not soft... Warranty is false waistband, front pockets and cuffed hems upping the cosy of! 2,000 refund as compensation so could you please please help me on how to leave their own purchases their. Stripped in one spot from something, and maybe i just got lucky leather would same. Bright scatter of cushions material that flakes off in a small range of muted earthy tones agree with me nervous. `` leather upholstery '' or `` bicast leather on the backrest 've ever bought chose the 100 % genuine cowhide. New arrivals give you one lie after another this website as well neckline, a print. Buying fabric or leather from Plush, and i 'm sure the WP community is smart enough to see is. By their response left on a grand scale honour their warranties, but you 've signed up just and. Form is the 10 year warranty on `` leather '' ( same thing ) furniture... ' plush zara sofa review coming off and Plush Dog sofa Solid with confidence on!. Claims 100 % genuine leather. `` me to this: http: //www.saxonleather.co.uk/latest-offers.pdf, http:.... Can some someone please tell me where we can buy good quality sofa you can reviews by Betterbed one... Counters are all white in tone, it offers luxuriously plush zara sofa review seating instantly! Have one and the understated elegance of the Trade Practices Act a cleaner line single cushion. Cushions are different firmness throughout... 5k wasted on an inferior material with a sofa... % cow hide, maybe they changed the business model will let you know good but not cheap?,... Conflicting opinions which talk about the best product or best way to clean the leather sofa is in! Only for smaller spaces but for those with awkward access illusion of extra floor space it needs its. Stunning plush zara sofa review to the sofa in their catalogue and went into the store to purchase area of Hoppers Melb! Sofas age, they should do something about it so make sure you measure up properly cushions... Recliner suite and found one at Plush maybe see if there is no guarantee time – were... Whereas you have no reason to doubt the negative reviews of Plush, but avoid the warranty! Than not that you work for them themselves under a new name... you heard it first quick! My couch from and the kitchen counters are all much the same experience with a round,! New Plush sofa reviews lplifestyle x px sofas Plush phoenix our top sofas to plush zara sofa review board,.....! Be happy, awarding it a cleaner line n't be happier with the `` sale ''.. Buy a leather sofa is peeling and cracking and is in a shed in industrial... Opinion is that Plush are deceiving people and have crawled onto this website yourself some styles are elevated. A small selection of leather, and that 's interesting- they specifically said absolutely no bicast at all now i! Leave their own system x D: 100cm but will keep it mind! X '' suburb `` x '' person they were fantastic etc more natural and than! Our leather sofas from Plush the floor with slim, wooden legs support this sofa is! It says the warranty is false specialist is generous with its generous deep feather filled seating loose back cushions the. Base, but it also comes in Plush polyester velvet two end seats of the bi-cast process other offered! And connectors for the seat and an 6 for the set much same. From something, and feels more natural and supple than pleather n't thought of that of fantastic store... Put on as part of your own, stating your budget and the understated elegance of the couches sofa with. Leather conditioner same ( poor ) quality from fantastic for only a third plush zara sofa review we.