Wood and wrought iron balustrades allow you to have the warmth and comfort of wood and the versatility of wrought iron balusters. Wrought Iron Stair Railing Hand Crafted Custom Interior If you want more elegant detail, consider a classic staircase with wrought-iron balusters, traditional railings … No matter how hard you try to prevent it, dust will inevitably gather on your home’s wrought iron balusters and stair railing. The immense popularity of wrought iron railing is due in part to its versatility. Wrought Iron Stair Railing Interiors – Wrought Iron Stair Railings Interior Simple Design Detail – wrought iron stair railing interiors 17 Picture Gallery: Wrought Iron Stair Railing Interiors Old style 1970 stair railing - Hi there- I need help! Interior Designs That Revive The Wrought Iron Railings. 2015-maj-21 - Suggestions to update wrought iron stair railing without replacing? Metal stair railing has become a popular choice but “metal” in and of itself is not very specific since there are several types of metals that might be used. Wrought iron is a classic type of metal that was first used hundreds of years ago for different types of railings. Now is a good time to layout your new iron balusters against the rail to make sure your pattern and spacing are correct. Company: Precision Stair Company, Houston. We had originally wanted replace our old iron rails but decided to update the old iron rails we already had by sawing off the old scrollwork, sanding off the old peeling paint/rusty spots and then spraying with a … Plain black metal falls on the low end, while galvanized materials or decorative banisters raises the price. It’s also a good idea to cover any walking area with drop cloth aswell to prevent damaging your floor. Dusting Wrought Iron. My stair hand rail has a metal bracket under it. A beautiful wrought iron stair railing is often the main distinguishing element of a staircase. Metal railings are … Staining existing railing to match new rail… The wooden spindles are screws on the bracket from the top. Exterior Wrought Iron Stair Railings and Handrails: Pros and Cons. Iron is durable and, if regularly maintained, will last for years. Wrought Iron Stair Railings Design Features. For example, the decorative heads on wrought-iron railings are sometimes cast iron. Do I or Can I drill holes into the wrought iron balusters to screw them onto the hand rail … In some cases, it's not the wrought iron itself that makes a staircase look dated but the design of the balusters. Although wrought iron is no longer produced on a commercial scale, it remains a widely used material which lately started to register an increase in popularity.Numerous products now described as wrought iron … Wood stair treads, newel posts, handrails and moldings are … When iron … Small changes make a dramatic impact on enclosed or small spaces. Taxing weather conditions can strip the protective paint layer off of iron over time, leaving your railings exposed to the elements; if new paint is not applied promptly, the iron … You’ll want to avoid using harsh furniture … Update Balusters. The first option you have is wrought iron railing. But where paint has worn away, the exposure to water and air can quickly result in rust and decay. Wood stripper. I have an old style stair railing- wrought iron with plastic protective covering - picture included. Of course, it’s not the same literally wrought iron … If you order your railings at Art Metal Workshop, we will provide you with the best design options and high-quality wrought iron. … Hello there, just asking for some help on installing iron balusters. We use a variety of metal materials such as Wrought Iron, Galvanized Iron, Aluminum, Bronze, Stainless Steel, and Glass or combinations thereof. Once proper spacing (refer to your local build-ing code) has been established, mark your rail … It’s a little safer and less fumey than normal stripper, but it’s also a little less magical because it doesn’t bubble. They originally pursued some of Samuel Yellin’s original wrought iron railing designs, but then came up with their own custom wrought iron stair railing design. I used Citristrip. We recommend using a drop cloth to cover any furniture and decor you don’t want covered with sawdust. With a wide array of design components in both hammered and smooth powder-coated finishes, wrought iron … Staircase Designs From the clean lines, warm wood tones and traditional look of a Craftsman-style staircase to the sleek details and modern appeal of an industrial-style staircase, the design of a staircase sets the tone of your home. How to Update Handrails. Drill 1-inch holes into the flooring every 4 inches across the stairs where you plan on installing the … Job: The job included replacing the half wall with balusters, patching any wholes made with drywall, putty, and texture, and paint. Wrought iron … Iron Railing Prices Per Foot. What For centuries, wrought iron railings have displayed their owner’s personalized expression of taste. Recommended to you based on your activity and what's popular • Feedback Providing you with high quality custom Exterior Iron Railings … These are a popular option as wrought iron … READ FULL CASE STUDY. Before & After: Wrought Iron and Wood Banister Stair Railing Though wrought iron is incredibly durable, repainting iron railings often becomes necessary after six to ten years. Wrought Iron Stair Railing Colors. Much more than a safety feature, a wrought iron stair railing is an elegant addition to any staircase or balcony. The $50 to $120 cost per linear foot depends on the type of iron you need. Tightening or Repairing Loose Fasteners Tighten loose bolts or screws manually. Interior Design Railing Gallery. Cutting out the wood balusters can be messy. The popularity of interior wrought iron railings for stairs keeps up due to the qualities of the material and the design range it can offer. Custom railing … Wrought Iron Stair Railing Colors. Remove the existing nails from the rail and base using pliers. Expertly fabricated and finished to your selected design and installed by superior craftsman. From the Victorian era till the 21 st century, it’s still used to secure houses and make them look elegant.