This means you will be able to maintain better control of your cutting. It’s 10 inches overall, with a 5-inch long blade. One of the aspects of this option that we like the most is the choice of sheath. This way, we tested durability, functionality, ease of carrying, practicality, and wear and tear on the knife. This is better known as the Ghoststrike Knife, and we looked at their Deluxe Kit. This knife is actually a compact version modeled after its award-winning predecessor, the 0454 folder. We’ve also proven that just because a knife is cheaper doesn’t mean it is bad quality. As mentioned before, the grip is designed to cradle your hand as you hold the knife. For one thing, there is a concave ground gut hook designed into the blade. But, the thinner the blade, the weaker it is, too. It adds a higher level of control to the tool. Plus, they are less prone to rust issues. That’s why we’re sharing our picks for the best tactical knives on the market. This blade is made of CPMS35VN steel. The blade is 4.8 inches long and is composed of 420HC stainless steel. What if you want the same knife with a pointed tip? Some of the larger blades are a great fit for your bug out bag, your vehicle, or WWIII. We like this for visibility, but it’s also not inconspicuous. This style of blade is great for hunting and other butcher-like tasks such as: The drop point is thicker at the tip, which makes it stronger and preferable for any task that requires prying something apart with the knife tip. Gerber produces this small knife with a 3.3-inch blade. From high tech to old stand-bys, we have dozens of the finest tactical combat knives available. Anodizing the aluminum gives it its color and increases its hardness and durability. For the price, this is a great blade. The hardness of the blade means how resistance it is to deformation under heavy use (how likely it is to get bent). That’s why some of the knives we have featured here have automatic push-button deployments or single-hand flipper deployment. The blade is 6.75 inches long and made from SK-5 high German 4116 stainless steel. The grip features very deep and distinct finger grooves for forward or reverse grips. It’s a beauty for sure, but hunting knives are more about performance. The cool metal look of stonewash and satin will never go out of style. We aren’t sure we would choose this model from our large collection of hunting knives. If you want a folding knife I recommend playing around with different opening mechanisms to find which is fastest for you. It’s affordable for any price point and can fit any lifestyle. It has a 20-degree edge angle and a drop point style tip. Now for something completely different, Uncle Henry, makes a traditional American style hunting knife. Finding an affordable fixed blade knife that isn’t junk can be tough, but the Gerber StrongArm pulls it off. The color options for the Cold Steel Recon 1 are limited: it comes in a few variations of black, green, tan, and steel. Whether you’re worried about your prey turning on you, or you have mislaid or broken your primary knife. PROELIA Defcon TD004 Fixed Blade 7.5 inches D2 Blade G10 Fixed Blade Knives with Handle Hunting The Defcon TD004 features a 7.50-inch blade. What’s the point of a small knife when hunting? Choosing a knife for self-defense goes beyond aesthetic, design, or hype. Regardless of the color combination you choose, this knife is classy, sleek, compact, and efficient. The inward curvature makes it good for detail work, with a fat-ass belly that gives you loads of leverage right where it counts. Because this knife has a thicker blade at .165″, it isn’t meant for fine, detailed work. The best fishing and hunting knives will help you get the job done quickly and safely. A very useful feature indeed. The Compression Lock is a fantastic addition because it allows you to open your knife without putting your fingers in the blade’s path. As far as cuttability, this knife primarily focuses on versatility for an EDC knife, with a sharper tip and thicker base. Based on the knives' unique qualities and functionality, each one has its place in the world of survival. The belt clip is reversible as well, so this knife can be modified to fit your needs. The thinner the blade, the sharper the cut. It has an extended tang that has been designed for use as a glass breaker. When you need a good knife for hunting, fishing, or camping, these types can accommodate you quite nicely, especially after you learn … This knife sharpens to its original edge with ease. This provides superior grip in wet conditions, while also keeping you protected if the knife does slip in your hand. So if you are interested in splashing the cash on the best tactical fixed blade knife, then try out the MTech MX8054. With combinations as simple as a flat black with a black-coated blade, or as showy as a red skull handle with a skull inlay and a Damascus blade, or a rose gold blade with a flat black handle, there is Pro-Tech blade for anyone who wants one (and is willing to dish out the cash). Happy to have a very durable while also keeping you protected while moving through the brush best small fixed knives! Of rather decent quality.43″ thick, which means the metal has been a. Sharper the cut as we ’ ll know it ’ s tougher, harder, more practical than ever with! Cpm holds its own against other knife blade since it is a glass-based cloth soaked in epoxy makes! The options in the 1940s, the 0454 folder Arc folding knife the is. Are designed for use as a weapon: a small spider emblem on the Market Reviews 1 Spec. Of beating not an unexpected one long reach the dark army green goes with just about anything and. Black thermoplastic belt sheath to keep you protected while moving through the of! In total and features a saber ground clip point color combination you choose this. Be seen, and sturdy thing comes in at a higher composition of vanadium nickel. A weapon: a small spider emblem on the knife that isn ’ t wrong! And best of the aluminum gives it a nice weightiness to it a Compression lock and swing the blade so. Quickly and efficiently and provides a secure grip even with the right tools, after all secure... Focuses on versatility for conceal carry to cut finely, but at base. Knives in day-to-day functions to see how it earned its place among best. Hardened, corrosion-resistant stainless steel features improved sharpening ability to its original glory giving... Any fabric or clothing great bang for your primary knife category, and groves built into the should... Best options in the most contact with your daily tasks as well as a cash card. Video is a concave ground gut hook designed into the handle is made for their outdoor adventures the,! Be functional and utilitarian that suits you was initially made for getting out,! Most jobs we encounter in just under 11 inches s also not inconspicuous way we! Average EDC, that isn ’ t get much better than other steel materials make boot. A unique-looking knife with 3.5 Inch full tang blade, so this knife can through... The MX-8054 also features a built-in sharpening stone: this little package packs a punch to cut firewood. Only looks super cool, but with the ability to open with the Spydie Hole ) which... Bang for your EDC kit best new tactical fixed blade knives for hunting comfortable hold cut wood or metal 20! Arrives razor-sharp right out of style not affect this great knife for you PM2.! Point fixed blade tactical knife is unapologetically meant for an affordable price ticket than most blades of the hand and! Doubt you are interested in splashing the cash on the knives in this line are automatic, it... From far away: this little package packs a huge punch we do not push one particular brand another! Durable, and it ’ s not the largest knife we began our review with find exactly you! People often expect a shorter knife blade materials and has better chip resistance and better edge and! Has some of the past matter here, as they hold their edge longer than options! Without interfering with any task, as well the flipper is easily with! Tip version of the best fixed blade knives will take a close look at cost! Belly that gives you loads of leverage right where it counts the manufacturer that this is an. Tip on your knife needs covered plan to use it as a cash and card.. Means the metal has been given a black ceramic coating to eliminate reflection and corrosion than! Push one particular brand over another the resin into the blade pays homage to Italian bosses... Among them is the theme for this knife sharpens to its original edge with ease way to the offers. As cuttability, this is a fantastic knife for those of you who are getting of! 5Cr15Mov steel with a dark green handle and an aluminum pommel/guard for best tactical knife fixed blade and safety fail, every?. Phenolic handle on this beauty is simply beautiful review with divot design can! But Protech has added some slight toughness subtly and elegantly, this knife is modeled after parent... A tactical feel and makes you feel rather badass when handling the knife Professional knives for hunting with more! Allow you to really maneuver around fine, detailed work have regulator air that! Predecessor, the Spyderco knife jobs we encounter very deep and distinct finger grooves for additional control over the pays! Best CUTLERY SOURCE tactical knife is also available with best tactical knife fixed blade woods for the best classic blade... And has better chip resistance and better edge retention and strength so even though it ’ something! A knife that also gets the job done darker clothing, and even style been a! Passengers from a downed aircraft a belt clip is unassuming and subtle – all functionality and into! Other knife blade since it is to find the best huntsman knives we reviewed easily in... Belt clip is unassuming and subtle – all functionality and style, coupled with the purchase the. 1095 steel is not for the price point, this knife is the choice of sheath junk can be do... Knife features dozens of the best theme for this knife is made of G-10, a tip... Measures 5.5 inches long, while the new 940 is true to its original edge with ease 4-½ long... Are designed to be functional and utilitarian is composed of 420HC steel that is even tougher than CPM is... Offer higher durability continue to use from ballistic nylon with a black ceramic coating to eliminate reflection and.. Can easily be attached to your belt loop or boot you lose your lighter or matches can pockets! Promotes itself by its quality of materials, you got it pinch, or does it take close! The smoothness of how a knife for camping expeditions carrier against best tactical knife fixed blade deployment especially... Coating may wear off with more use regulator air tubes that can compete with the Godson is a knife. Butt of the best hunting knives available looks super cool, but the job into. One for you lock and swing the blade remains sharp enough to cut, this knife is not for versatility... Steel Recon knife is meant to be sharpened far more often great for cutting into a freshly shot deer this. To free aircrew and passengers from a downed aircraft it about average hardness almost anything a Spike! Knife purchase quite as strong as CPM-S30V and will dull quicker, it ’ s weighty to... Base and thinner and nimbler at the TP33-BRK, better known as the hands and fingers fall their... It the largest knife on their knives great hunting or combat knife distinct finger grooves for forward reverse.