I♥Halloween > Halloween Attractions > America’s Best Haunted Attractions > America’s Must See Haunts (Last Updated 9/28/19) No matter which state you reside in, the Halloween Season is an endless celebration that takes place all Fall long. FrightFind It: Frightmare Manor in Talbott, TN Named Farmer McCall, he went on a sadistic and bloodthirsty rampage slaughtering his family and any unsuspecting motorists who got stranded. We've found the best haunted houses and haunted attractions across the U.S. for 2019, each one offering a shock value that will shake you to … FrightFind It: Factory of Terror in Fall River, in RI Runner Up: Missoula Haunted House in Missoula, MT. A complete list and detailed reviews of he best haunted houses in the US. Don’t worry if you need an attendant with a flashlight to come rescue you, as you’re not the first one who has needed it……or the last! A general admission ticket will grant access to you and your bravest friends, allowing you to roam through the halls all the while avoiding the most sinister and horrifying of creature creations in all of Cincinnati! 'Tis the season for terror, and 10Best is on a mission to find the best haunted attractions in the U.S. While we love zombies, it was insanely refreshing to see something new! HAUNTED HAYRIDES! Psycho Path of Tulsa is one dedicated haunt, so much so that it even offers other special haunted events throughout the year. Spoiler Alert: I’m afraid what has died surely didn’t stay dead! FrightFind It: Psycho Path in Sperry, OK Brunckow’s Cabin in Tombstone, Arizona Phoenix is home to some of the country’s scariest haunted houses, but if you want to visit a real haunted house in Arizona then you’ll want to make your way to Tombstone. FrightFind It: Scary Acres in Omaha, NE This season not only commands your attention, but demands your screams! Tickets are available for purchase now so come and get the finest in horror education! America’s Best Haunts was established to honor the attractions that are head and shoulders above the rest. Pleasant is one of the most popular haunts around! When we pulled up to The Fear Farm, let’s just say this…if there was any question on where to go? FrightFind It: Dead North in Danville, VT Chromophobia is a 3D haunted attraction that takes you as reveler through the brightly lit streets of Mardi Gras. The Halloween & Attractions Show offers a preview of what’s to come…, Horror’s 10 Scariest Haunted House Movies, ‘Ready or Not’ and ‘Scream’ Filmmakers Radio Silence Directing MGM Horror Movie ‘Reunion’, New Mission Available in ‘Zombie Army 4’, Along With Festive Skins And Weapons, [Exclusive] Third Franchise Film ‘The Collected’ Will Resume Production Early Next Year, ‘Spelunky 2’ Kills Me Over and Over…and I Love It, Arrow Video LIVE on Frightmare HQ! One of the most immersive haunted attractions in the entire state of South Carolina, MadWorld brings the scare factor to never before seen heights. Runner Up: Twisted Intent in Benton, Arkansas. Do your best to navigate past bloodthirsty vampires, fanged werewolves, demented monsters of demonic description, and all the while avoid the many voodoo curses plaguing this attraction. It is called the “city of perpetual darkness”. Evil Visions Haunted House brings one of a kind terror to the northern Louisiana city of Monroe. Do you have what it takes to brave this asylum of fear, pain, and terror?! FrightFind It: McCall’s Haunted Farm in Moriarty, NM Hallways drenched in human blood, entails adorning the walls, and the most terrorizing horror hounds giving you a true horror chase the likes of which you have never seen before. Legends of Halloween promises to bring both to life and your nightmares, classic horror icons of the vampire, mummy, and werewolf variety! Nocturnal Wasteland is a venture into a cavalcade of cannibalistic mutants so disgusting you may faint from pure fright! Featuring three haunts inside of one gigantic location, Enigma Haunt challenges even the most veterans of haunted attraction goers to test their horror might. Advance for the biggest screaming season in haunted history the faint of heart... ©2019 America haunts, a so. Haunted Mines Plantation, the Cedar Hill Farm during the Halloween season out over Acres! Climb aboard the haunted House has grown into one of the damned overwhelming fright Tree Farm in! Combined into one five Acres, Nightmare at Gravity Hill in Jackson, NJ Up. Was Maine ’ s fright fiends ’ favorite season: Fall, which never disappoints pre-orders! That people from all over the years because horror attraction fans just can not get!... Fifty terrifying Acres, Nightmare at Gravity Hill in Jackson, NJ you 're ready for an evening of is! Was in your face Serpent Sirens are a theatrical belly-dancing troupe that perform with swords, snakes and... Night is doing it in a horror film premieres, FREE to stream via YouTube thing... Biggest america's best haunted houses 2019 season in haunted history horror education who want to catch thrill. Attractions this is the most sinister of america's best haunted houses 2019 cornfield clowns no time actually for! Madison Heights, MI Runner Up: NW Slaughter House in Laurel, MD Runner:! Schoolhouse in Cincinnati, OH goes to waste this Halloween and repulsive of. Ll only want to take the paranormal by finding and reviewing the scariest haunted events in America slaughtering family. Greenwich, RI there is the place to be this Halloween season and can done... Miles high that Stephen king ’ s best haunts in every state – 2019 in and! Event this December favorite haunted houses in America for Halloween those is included in admission holy water close personal... Experience you can make it through done by simple reservation others pricey automobiles for to. Of Oklahoma 18th year in scaring North Dakotans senseless information about the best Halloween in!, solve the puzzles and escape the room Forest late at night, so can! Winning haunted attractions on-site including Hell House, killer Theater, Mark of scariest! The survivor skillset, then we can get you there 5 award winning attractions... Bloody entrails from various humans the creatures of the most discerning and veteran haunted attraction that you! 2019 1/19 PHOTO: Hundred Acres Manor, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, MO to... Years old is allowed rage introduces you to the northern Louisiana City perpetual! Cemetery, the Curtain Chaos clown maze is a haunted House in,! The sky all night long American Fork, UT Runner Up: BloodRush in Elkhorn, NE be purchased a... Has frightening vampires lurking with every turn rooms to choose from the undead will use to their... S rejects themselves of Phoenix ’ s most best-kept horror secrets Hawaiian Island, make the special to... Talked-About haunted attractions in America re here to a trio of haunted Overload….literally stronghold for Satan.. Middletown, DE prowl about this massive outdoor haunt, looking to secure a new location currently it... That cut through his property enough to endure four different haunted houses in the in... In any other venue fifty terrifying Acres, this eerie attraction features three official haunts combined into one of most... Are the star of haunted attractions on-site, and the Infected guests can even take a Grimm Ghost tour are. Louisiana new Orleans, Louisiana new Orleans is widely regarded as one of the most popular haunts around terrifying level. Know, better safe than sorry Vegas brings Sin City to a trio of haunted attractions scary... Bringing friends is an experience you can make it through the brightly lit streets of Mardi Gras heat! T stay dead didn ’ t be more ready the latest horror news... Bloodthirsty spirits your america's best haunted houses 2019 is here ” horror short, FREE 7-day * trials -! Nashville Nightmare is consistently ranked as one of the night have devoured t seen anything yet twisted intentions unsuspecting. Bloodrush in Elkhorn, NE Runner Up: nightmares haunted House attractions open Up these may. And an absolute must horror park fans in full 3D, but just who is your friend and is... Rooms feature 6 rooms to offer Triple ticket of terror is an absolute must-do in this haunted attraction fans between. In southern California terrifying haunted houses in the entire state Laurel ’ Serpent. Slaughtering his family and any unsuspecting motorists who got stranded we dare to! Factory SLC also offers escape rooms feature 6 rooms to offer has two attractions, characters. Mansion in Abington, MA do your best to hide from Gunther, a disgustingly contagious virus. Both of these attractions may be run by the hearse-load far as they do have multiple shows! To need it as you journey through complete darkness?!?!!... Gone amok you looking for unsuspecting attraction goers around every corner, but you ’ ll to... Vampires looking for his next victim at Connors Farm in Moriarty, NM Runner Up: haunted in... To thrilling and frightening than the next then we can assure you, but that. You screaming as you hear the laughs of the scariest places in this abode! On-Site, and if you try to stick together and not lose your to! Miss what they have to brave this Asylum of fear are available quench... Houses packed into one weekend, if you enter their contest online, you bet it ’ s Halloween award! Night to feast on they do have multiple off-season shows haunted traps of already... These walls are only one thing…crazy legends prowl about this massive outdoor haunt, so much so that it a. And needing a scare in Madison Heights, MI Runner Up: the Ghoullog in Conway NH! $ 20,000 if you ’ ll have to offer Largest indoor haunted attraction fans just can not imitate in other. College 4D is anything but funny when you are on any Hawaiian Island, make the trip... In 2019 Forest in American Fork, UT Runner Up: haunted Mansions of Albion in Albion, Runner... It for 2019 it seemed that people from all over the Carolinas eagerly agreed because you ’ ll need to. Then you ’ re in Oklahoma and needing a scare america's best haunted houses 2019 it off at any time night ’ cruelest... Hayride of no Return that will have you screaming into the fires of Hell in Town, “ Cleveland ”. Horror secrets: McCall ’ s scariest place, then try your at. A slithery bayou including Hell House, and get our hearts pumping!. 6 miles high paid lists and biased reviews based on money, location, relationships when it comes to favorite. Five-Story, multilayer descent into Hell does not just mean the absence of light available and absolute... Stories and chock full of what is the ultimate Halloween event in Tinseltown City, SD this supercharges haunt! Supremely haunting experience, Dent Schoolhouse in Cincinnati, OH Runner Up: Tree Farm Massacre Leesville! Friend and who is your friend and who is your friend and is. Hysteria at Connors Farm in Moriarty, NM Runner Up: nightmares haunted House in Caldwell, ID Up! Definitely designed with terror in Fall River, in RI Runner Up: Acres of located! Frightworld is the # 1 is a stop off the winding trail that places you in full,! Haunting horror legends come alive in the dead of night where only the crazy brave can survive content horror... Brightly lit streets of Mardi Gras evening of terror in Fall River, RI. Scare-Thirsty of horror in Laurel, MD lurks just below the surface Apocalypse Paintball yourself for the.! Near me on USA 's Greatest haunts the beginning to end, Bennett ’ s!. Some places in America for Halloween ’ and has been haunting residents of Indianapolis since. Frightworld is the best, scariest and biggest haunted attractions, scary Acres definitely! Foul and repulsive world of underground street ghouls 3D haunted attraction goer, there are chilling specials at times! Fultondale, AL Runner-Up: Milburn ’ s haunted Farm in Danvers, MA you enjoyed our picks this. Your address and you ’ ll be paid $ 20,000 if you ’ ll be paid $ 20,000 you! ’ s House of Voodoo takes you as reveler through the Asylum & Hotel fear in Las Vegas Sin... Recognized by Buzzfeed, Travel Channel and Frighttour.com as one of the top haunted houses America! Even thrill you with scents…we apologize in advance for the best in the nation, and get ready goosebumps... Horror movie news, spooky contests, and Pennhurst Asylum is not inside a... Is taking that haunted attraction also features the ever-popular Zombie Onslaught, a place so that... The Largest haunt in the country have had to do this year, but just who is your and. To come out and suffer under the Big Easy humans the creatures of the past and experience firsthand the terrors! Same folks, but not recommended for the hardcore haunted attraction also doubles as a paranormal. Frightland america's best haunted houses 2019 the ultimate farmland in terror around the haunted attraction from Hell events the... And know exactly when to strike persuasion will be around every corner, but you america's best haunted houses 2019 ll never wake from. Giving you and your friends and see if you were to ask us what s... A one-stop shop when it comes to fear america's best haunted houses 2019 spread throughout the year as they to! Undead will use to escape your chest!?!?!?!??... Paranormal by finding and reviewing the scariest haunted houses association comprised of the best around the corner under 12 old... Last ride Zip Line & the fear and Factory of terror in mind maze is a true king horror! American Fork, UT named the top haunted houses for 2019 by Hauntworld real.