UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, has donated, with the support of the European Commission, three laptop computers to Kilkis Hospital in northern Greece.  The new computers will allow for a more accurate and swift exchange of data between laboratories and medical workers in the wards. “This system will allow us to save time and resources as we can avoid duplication of medical tests or delays in getting test results,” said Maria Vlachou, the hospital director.

The hospital played a vital role in providing medical care in the Kiklis Region to refugees and migrants during the crisis of 2015-2016. “We had to deal with extreme challenges,” Vlachou says. “The hardest period was February–April 2016 when we had some 25,000 migrants and refugees residing in Eidomeni, EKO, Nea Kavala, Cherso and other places in our region. Our infrastructure was inadequate and we had to deal with an emergency situation.”

Kilkis Hospital made it through the crisis with the help of other medical organizations and the voluntary support of its staff. They demonstrated the empathy, solidarity, compassion as well as good organization and coordination that is key to successful crisis management.

The hospital is still providing help to refugees and can count on interpreters provided by the Hellenic Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. The computers will help to improve facilities and service for the refugees as well as the local community.

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