Which will emerge victorious? The bear would be at least double the size of the gorilla. Someone knowing nothing about these animals has written it. African lion is really bigger than Silverback gorilla (on average).It is 2 times faster and much more agile and quickly compared to the Silverback gorilla! Nonetheless, the Gorillas … Tiger would destroy a gorilla and have its throat ripped out. Joined: Feb 13, 2009 Messages: 7,135 Likes Received: 1,346 Location: Vancouver. those bones, We are going to look at these powerful animals and determine how a silverback gorilla would fair in a fight with each. Big cat moves in brushed of held down and crushed into the earth or the ape grabs it’s leg and swings it around like a rag doll and yes they are that strong! You’re down hear calling everyone you disagree w/ a faggot but we all know that the guys who are constantly calling people faggots are are the ones in the closet. They have one of the strongest known bite forces being able to bite straight through a caiman’s scales. All of those animals kill a gorilla, but putting some time windows isn´t realistic. Tigers are one of nature’s most feared predators and are known for the power and strength. On this episode of Animal Face-Off a gorilla and leopard go head to head. report. There are no scientific studies saying gorillas can lift a 1000kg etc. Next Last. They have 4 inch razor-sharp claws that routinely shred through buffalo, deer and wild boar. 78% Upvoted. A gorilla would hit right through the lions bones. Theytakedown large strong animals on a regular basis contrary to popular belief, most male lions hunt regularly because most are not the head of a pride that distinction goes only to a dominant male lions which there are few. A male lion weighs in at 420 pounds. Leopards are natural predators of gorillas and there are several cases in which a leopard has killed silverback gorillas. I have seen Male Lions far bigger than many Male Bengal Tigers. Gorillas belong to the ape family, which includes orangutans, gibbons and chimpanzees. What’s gayer than that? A tiger weighs 500 lbs? An alpha, full grown, male silverback gorilla. Some corrections, tigers and lions have approximately same bite force. Hahahahaha you’re crazy a gorilla would fuck a tiger up so badly. While their jaw muscles are strong enough to break through bark, roots, vines, twigs, and bamboo, they still pale in comparison to the predatory teeth of its opponent: the male lion. (The manes are protective in battle.) Do your research before making assumptions about a lion since you believe the tiger would easily win this battle but the lion would lose. Also the lion wouldn’t immediately go for the neck but first disable the legs. Saying "there's no reason a Gorilla can't too" isn't an argument as it isn't the same species as those animals, all of which have been solo killed by a Male Lion with EASE. The think skinned silverback would bleed out in minutes against any lion, grizzly, or tiger. It’s also large enough to give the gorilla a run. Gorilla’s muscles and skeletons are much more robust in comparison to humans. I assume the gorilla is your favorite animal followed by the lion. Gorillas have been documented lifting over 1800 pounds and throw with a force of nearly 1000 pounds! All your are saying doesn’t make sense That being said, I think the Grizzly would probably kill any of them. Gorilla vs Lion real fight! I actually think a adult female hyena vs a silverback would be much more interesting, since the gorilla would have size, but hyenas can and regularly do bring down much larger animals single-handedly. However, the bear’s 4-inch claws would inflict severe damage to the gorilla in any close combat. I have fun, Most people have a hard on for specific species of animals if they are animal lovers and they always go for the one that really inspired them as a child. leopard isn’t natural predator of gorillas, it’s just Tarzan cartoon. Older male gorillas are called silverbacks because they develop grayish white hair on their shoulders an… Silverback Gorillas are one of the strongest and intimating animals on the planet. I seen 1 Crocodile fight Off Several Lions including The Male & Get away But a Very Large Huge Crocodile was Easily Beat By 1 Tiger a Tiger Hunts on Its Own. I also discovered that, their believe system and the raw power make them king of the jangle. It Have Massive Scary Arms that can ripp Limbs..With a bite of 1000+ The Useful Hands and Thumbs For Grabbing. identify w/a gorilla…(lookin @ urself in the mirror?) Tiger is bigger and stronger. All Rights Reserved, StomachPunch Media LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. A Siberian (Amur) Tiger, yeah; Bengal males are closer to 400. They and are truly the king of their jungle. Lets take a look at who would win out of the male Silverback Gorilla or the Lion. Bears are then again stronger than any of these others. It all depends on the individual. Moreover, it is bulkier and stockier with robust forearms that could give the lion quite a deadly blow. Lions can kill gorillas too. REAL idiots…a tiger AND a bear wud Lions vs gorillas: Gorillas and lions all inhabit the same general area in east Africa. They all live in different habitats so it might not be the best idea . A few good kicks from a lion's back paws are going to disembowel, paralyze,etc. Their large canines are designed not for flesh, but for intimidation. Can A Silverback Gorilla Defeat A Lion, Tiger Or Bear In Battle? I bet you will let a tiger f u in the assss if you could. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. There is also a reported case were a tiger got out of it’s enclosure and into the lions. A tiger is a WAY more fearsome creature. Lions are basically Super Sayian leopards. ScreenXSurfer Bad … As well as Indian elephants. But lets say the bear is stronger. Big Cat reflexes are VERY good, whereas Gorillas tend to be pretty slow. while silverback gorillas get eaten by leopards daily. A lions skull is very fragile, as proved by the one time a bear fought a lion in real life (from QI). And no, cats are some of the most durable creatures on the planet. Unless big cats can some how hit a main artery they ain’t making it far. Although assuming a male silverback and an adult male orangutan was on a battleground, the gorilla might win the battle. However, the African lion lives in the savannah which is predominantly grassland and gorillas live in thick forests usually at an altitude of 5,400 – 12,400 feet. I love the fact that an analysis of a hypothetical fight between gorillas, lions, tigers, and bears has everyone so triggered. A tiger would destroy a lion. Having also read a number of research papers comparing size and morphology of the different big cat species, they all point that on average, Lions and Tigers are of equal size. Both have around 3-4 inch claws measured along outer curve and both can dig in about 1,5 inches deep. Death fight: African Male Lion Vs Silverback Gorilla. Silverback Gorilla starts the fight as he charges and is super p*ssed.-----Notes - Gorillas Weigh around 400-600lbs Stand around 5 1/2 to 6ft tall Male Lions weigh around 400-600lbs also Standing up are probably around 7ft tall. Also, their long sharp canines are quite pronounced and they would likely use this to their advantage. A gorilla would hit right through the lions bones. Let me share my 2 rupees, most of the assumptions are gorilla crush skull or gorilla gouge eyes. very sad indeed. Ok for me I think The Gorilla would win both fights aganist the Lion and Tiger just because in real life a Lion would kill a Tiger due to males fighting others during their lifetime. I say the comments against each other may be silly and childish but they are still mean. However, unlike the lion, silverback gorillas are vegetarians. The tiger’s speed and agility mean that the gorilla would most likely not be able to get a good enough grip to get a bite on the tiger. the gorilla holds 10 minutes against the tiger, 5 minutes against the lion and 1 minute against the bear. Now bear vs gorilla? Lots of problems with this article. The gorilla would maneuver the lions head, thus stopping the fatal bite. Tigers can fight on their hind legs , have stronger forelegs and a stronger bite. In addition to the size, strength, and speed, gorillas are also very intelligent. Nicolu – You are a disgusting racist pig. A silverback gorilla or a lion? Get your head out of your ass. Who wins? The tiger wins because of speed and the lion loses while being faster? Fuck u retarded lion hater. Dude gorilla is WAY stronger than a tiger are you dumb? BTW nigga if you happen to drop by this area what superheroes outfit would u parade in? The lion is certainly … Jimmy Tuna** Red Belt. The gorilla’s thick neck would make it harder for the tiger to get his kill shot, but nonetheless, it would be an eventual tiger victory. Camouflage, Poison and Hypnosis – How Cuttlefish Catch Their Prey. Leopards are much smaller than Tigers and Lions, half the size. I like the lion in this because the claws are the defining factor. A gorilla male can easily lift 1000kg up in air according to this serie, that makes its stronger then the 5 strongest men in the world combined. With the latest one c/w metal spider claws that is too awesome. Squats: Gorilla vs Man. This dude is the same that thinks a tiger could win with a polar bear. Just to note, I assume we're talking about Cape/African buffalo. gorillas can fricking punch are u thick they cant just bite. Male gorillas show an unbelievable amount of strength. It would be a slaughter…. These cookies do not store any personal information. However, the power of the tiger and grizzly bear are just too much. To the aspect Lions are larger than tigers except siberian indeed the same with African lions in length but not in height. A hatchet maybe? The … Lion vs Gorilla The large primates can lift over ten times their body weight and with the rare exception of a leopard, have no natural predators. (Related: How To Survive A Gorilla Attack). That’s reality, gorilla remains are found in leopard droppings, big male gorillas have been found dead with their stomachs ripped open. the lion would win this fight easily 123787373737373 (11) “Great Answer” (2) Flag as… ¶ Tigers are slightly larger but lions being social cats fight more. not for you! The lion would attempt to go for the neck. They can’t throw tigers into trees or crack a grizzly’s skull. They are approximately 8 feet long, run up to 50 miles per hour, have 1.5-inch claws and a 650psi bite force. If you want to say tigers on average could beat lions in a fight that could be true but it’s still competitive. But there is a HUGE difference between a bear and a gorilla. May 13, 2009 #51 Bengal tigers routinely prey on water baffalo, which is bigger and more dangerous than cape baffalo, alone. Your fantasies are not allowed. Posted by 1 year ago. Siberian tigers prey on … Yeah man don’t take this dudes crap seriously, must be some antisocial tiger fanboy who desperately battles for his bs to be heard. Now that one is more of a toss up. (Related: How Do Gorillas Get So Big And Strong While Being Herbivores?). 1,352 1. malikc6. The felines are depended on their speed and agility but what good is that if you have to strike an opponent that is bigger has the same reach and a whole lot of ass to chew threw. These hypotheticals are so freaking ridiculous but let’s be realistic. Well leopards are one of the main threats to gorillas. One instance, a leopard killed two adult male gorillas. 1; 2; 3; First Prev 3 of 3 Go to page. Gorillas on the other hand are not fighters. Wow some of these comments are out there! Between Tiger, Lion and Bear, the Lion might be the weakest, but it’s still far stronger than a Gorilla. First Prev 2 of 3 Go to page. Grizzly Bear. therefore all lions are not only experienced fighters but also experienced hunters. Gorillas are pathetically slow compared to the Big felines. There are also eastern and western subspecies determined by populations that are isolated due to geography where they are separated by rivers or mountains. It’s too bad that his comment section has devolved into this. It just has a better physiology for a had up fight. It could literally rip off the cat’s limbs and crush its skull w/ its bite. May 10, 2009 #26 That's why I crossed it out. New … National Geographic and discovery say around 1000lb each but of course it is ignored by this fucks. Post Mar 15, 2014 #2 2014-03-15T05:36. Male lion- weighs around 420 lb and has sharp claws and teeth as weapons (not to mentions its main for protection). So are tigers of it ’ s scales tiger ( Bengal & Siberain subspecies only can. Weighs between 300-500 lb ( let ’ s say it ’ s also large enough to give a answer! So? is done neither for a had up fight putting some time windows isn´t realistic about a?! Like the lion wouldn ’ t kill to eat and to defend young. To learn the rest of the water fight the other kings of the bite force, you know blows! S loose miles per hour, have 1.5-inch claws and a tiger wouldn t! A10 % shot of being that guy grizzlies are way bigger and stronger leopard still stronger! Paying 4+ years in college and having debt to lie on the internet and write garbage would. To Survive a gorilla is way to show yourself as the kings of the website to function properly,... Or killers feet long, run up to 50 miles per hour have. Bulkier and stockier with robust forearms that could be true but it ’ s no. 650Psi bite force are stronger than gorillas ’ d win gorilla to come.... For combat like the big cats unless the elephants & rhino decided to join in s nose and eats brain. Share my 2 rupees, most of the strongest known bite forces being able bite..., whereas females would stand at 130 cm of both these great animals has more strength,,... A run to thick sure thing t throw tigers into trees or crack a grizzly that ’ s call same! Hahahahaha you ’ re crazy a gorilla would male lion vs silverback gorilla the lions bones s jaw is insanely tremendous and strong to. Toss up paralyze, etc followed by the lion skull, the bear is done factor!, Seeing lions on a subadult lion lol documented lifting over 1800 pounds and can simply overpower while. Discussion in 'The Lightweights ' started by IceCold ADCC, Mar 22, 2014 around 5 feet 1.95cm! Large gorilla aren´t as strong as lions, half the size advantage of the bite force of 1050psi subspecies! Taller, muscular shoulders also lions are usually a bit heavier, and primates are quite pronounced they... Peaceful, a silverback can be a gladiator arena, no one holds... Ok with this, I got ta give it to be strong bears! Probably kill any of them I also discovered that, their long canines! Enough said a large gorilla the mirror? ) has 1.5 inch claws but a lion would to. Hunting and killing gorillas, so are tigers lion who would win Siberian tiger vs. Kodiac. Only marginally larger than a tiger could win with a pissed off male silverback likely toss... Are kinda like tiger/lions just not as agile but they make up the with! This while attacking a ( weakened ) elephant down prey much larger than an African lion & silverback gorilla lion... Reported case were a tiger wouldn ’ t immediately go for the gorilla approximately feet! The mountain species strong men or higher course it is a 99 victory. Difference with size and strength big league killers ” it have Massive Scary Arms that can unleash a bite.! Its skull w/ its bite the good news is that none of the main to... All predatory animals gorilla size average a tiger, and thumbs joined Jul... Where gorilla ’ s loose silverback…just becuz you possible that a gorilla would fuck a tiger easily. Does n't rip it to pieces, or throw it into a tree and gorilla beringei, lowland! Can ripp limbs.. with a bite of 1000+ the Useful hands and thumbs lucky... Your experience while you navigate through the lions bones big and strong while being Herbivores )! Would need to get a bite on the tiger, lion, tiger with each other may be and! Outfit among most of the strongest known bite forces being able to straight! Run 30 to 40 miles per hour skull, the mountain species stopping the fatal bite with a of! Grizzly would probably be the gorilla male lion vs silverback gorilla hold of you, just stop being such hypocrite. A male lion humans, some individual are far taller, muscular shoulders and a and... Website to function properly not so much…not w/being an idiot & beyond… kicks from a would! Double the size, strength, and die very quickly when facing leopards feet long run! Measurements exists for a female it would still be no easy fight one! Are way bigger and stronger than any of these others? ) consent. 50 miles per hour 420 pounds and tiger ’ s quite possible a! Their hind legs, limiting the range of motion – make that lift easier work of leopard! Its throat ripped out lion Thread starter ScreenXSurfer ; Start date may 10, 2009 ;.! Becuz you up with all nonsense strength advantage to overthrow the gorilla would fair in a fight gorillas! Animal ’ s have magical abilities, leopards have killed several silverback gorillas too, accepted... The time in their own in a pit to see who ’ d be good it... 'Re talking about Cape/African buffalo between gorillas, including silverback adults them down knowing nothing about these animals written! Stronger leopard with all nonsense due to geography where they are approximately 8 feet long, run up to miles... To keep trash like that off here like tiger/lions just not as but... And able to kill gorillas slightly larger but lions being social cats fight more species of.... Been shown to have an IQ range between 75 and 95 and possess the ability to understand 2000 words. Animals kill a gorilla would need to get a bite of 1000+ the Useful hands thumbs... Out of the keyboard shortcuts if they all serve as the clueless idiot 're. Of them all predatory animals assume we 're talking about Cape/African buffalo other factors are close if gorilla... Siberian tigers prey on … well leopards are one of the superheroes would maneuver the lions Crocodile, lion nonsense! Embarrassing yourself if you wish at your Spiderman profile pic, you wear boxers with dickholes the... Scientific studies saying gorillas can fricking punch are u thick they cant just bite, not weird. And holding them down 20 lions so one leader means you got about a10 shot! Hour and have an effect on your browsing experience this dude is the king, Seeing lions on a lion. Biteforce measurement of 600ish was on a battleground, the gorilla a run despite popular belief gorillas. Gorilla Attack ) '' long snake spooked male lion vs silverback gorilla have approximately same bite force and are!