pH: 3.75 (stated), 3.5 (tested) Should you buy it: A nice dose of lactic acid at a pH that keeps things gentle, this should have been a hit for me, but it’s not my favorite. LOL. Should you buy it: it’s actually not bad, but I’m not sure why you’d pay more than $40 per ounce for this when other lactics on the list cost less. Anywho, I was so happy I could find your article again because I have a small beauty youtube channel and I am putting this product in my Hits&Misses and I NEEDED to find your article to credit you! Follow on Instagram if you want to get notice of when I’m going to do a live lactic chat.^^. I’ve been using it for about a week and my skin is definitely more glow-y than it was before. Shop: FeelUnique | Net-A-Porter, Size: 4 oz. Thank you so much for your recommendation for the BellEvolve!! I realize that not everyone lives in my hood. I recently found out that there’s a huge family history of skin cancer. If lactic acid seemed incidental and was way down the ingredient list, I skipped it. He told me that while one person just testing stuff on their face feels unscientific (because…it is), half-there science can be really misleading and unhelpful. Awesome, thanks for the info. I started this project baffled by the high prices of popular lactic acids and assumed that lactic must be an expensive or hard-to-buy ingredient. OMG, just starting using the GoW pads and…they do not lie about that “experienced skin”. ahhahahah it’s a surprisingly gentle way to get a new face, thankfully! I considered doing more with the science angle since pH level and the amount of acid in the product work together to determine how much free acid is in the formula (for more on that check out Lab Muffin’s post). Cheers! RELATED: The Best Primer for Oily Skin, from a $7 Stick to Rihanna’s Go-To Pick, I am not currently subscribed to, so please subscribe, I am already subscribed to, let me tell you the email address I used to subscribe, Please accept the terms and privacy statement by checking the box below. I feel like I can make really informed and educated decisions when it comes to my skincare. SHOP SHOP ALL SHOP BY CATEGORY Expand submenu. Sunday Riley Good Genes, 1 oz. BUT once I know what I’m allergic to I will be able to know what skin products to use including AHAs and your list will be my first stop. I live in Arizona and walk pretty much everywhere. They also both contain forms of hyaluronic acid to hydrate. pH: 2.8 (tested) lol. Get it cheaper: many people wait to buy Good Genes during the Sephora annual sales, but I think you’d be better off buying it from the U.K. It’s still not one of my favorite products, but if I’d have to switch from a bunch of different acids each night (appllied one by one) to an acid cocktail, this formula is do-able, it works, and it ends up being rather affordable per ounce. Consistency: gel But when I tested some very affordable lactics, they totally worked and delivered fantastic results. pH: 1.9 (stated), 1.9 (tested) Cost per ounce: $3.72 pH: 3.7 (tested) I am now off to trawl your blog to look for more info, but any recommendations/article links would be so appreciated! It might be a good product for someone with extremely dry skin who wants to combine their nightly skincare routine into one fairly disgusting step, but…why. Performance: I find this lactic gel to be something like a hammer to my skin, causing a significant amount of irritation when it’s applied. ($85) As a longtime user of this wildly popular treatment, I can confirm that it effectively brightens, plumps, and smooths. Granactive Retinoid 2% in Squalane (Moderate Strength, No Irritation) 2. I’ve often kind of wondered wtf I’m even doing with this blog and whatnot, so this is really reassuring! £60.00. I wake up with skin that’s fine, but the formula makes my skin feel oily. Dry down feel: almost nothingness, slightest coating and feeling of friction when running your fingers over the treated area. Enrichi en acide glycolique pour sublimer les peaux ternes, abîmées par le soleil ou marquées par les imperfections. pH: 2.4 (tested) I kinda felt like my face was going to melt off, but it def brought out the deep closed comedones. All rights reserved. Cost: $6.79 + $5.00 shipping = $11.79 VIEW COLLECTION. I was so sad when it ran out. Especially when talking about products from smaller brands that usually charge for shipping and expensive products that incur almost $10 extra in sales tax, I think it’s important to talk about how much it actually costs to get products in your hands, not just retail prices. Good Genes was a game changer. Comment about CH – ain’t that the damn truth now. Urgh, yeah, the P50 can be SO tough. I personally love good genes, before I overhauled my skin care routine (and by overhauled I mean implemented one because I was lazy and did sweet FA for my skin) I got most of my info from youtube, which seems to think the only options are good genes or drunk elephant. Luckily for my wallet Good Genes irritated my skin so I passed it on. As I’ve aged I’ve found that my skin is less able to cope with the climate than it was when I was younger. CosDNA analysis. Think of a desert with snow. I chose it because it is listed as high strength, but with no to low irritation. I parsed the ingredient list over and over in many different ways, and there’s really nothing that has the same ingredient lineup. Percent lactic acid: 10% So a question: How would I know if I need multiple acids? Oh weird, they don’t smell like that to me at all! Granactive Retinoid 5% in Squalane (High Strength, No to Lo… If your skin is very sensitive you could try using the Bravura London 10% lactic acid instead and just apply it after a moisutrizing toner and an essence, but before cream to buffer the acid. Thank you for reading! 40% at a pH of 2.6 would melt your face off, it would not be safe for home use. It just wasn’t an impact player in my routine. This $7 Product Is a Shockingly Effective Dupe for Sunday Riley’s $105 Good Genes. Lactic acid is such a good ingredient if you’re trying to get rid of uneven skin tone and scarring. Like…..ummmmmm whyyyy. £60.00. Given the price, I’m tempted to stock up on this and slather it all over my body. Smell: urgh, pretty potent, and the smell comes from ethyl 2,2-dimethylhydrocinnamal, which is a fragrance, as in it doesn’t have to be in there. My undying and backed up love for Sunday Riley Good Genes is irreplaceable. I have plenty of other crap in other reviews, but I feel like getting down to business these days ahhahaa. When it comes to my makeup and skin care routines, despite wanting to be a person who constantly tries new things (especially because I’m lucky enough to have a job where I get to sample products for free), I generally stick to my tried-and-true stable of picks. The packaging is fantastic and travel-friendly, the watery gel is easy to apply (not drippy or requiring cotton pads), and the formula is comfortable to wear. Cost per ounce: $13.08 Curious if you’ve tried this product? Thank you, too, for changing my life. This lactic acid did amazing things for my skin. Your skin will glow for days post-use. AHA before Curology, but if something else works for you, go for it! It’s very dry where I live. Then tested my half full bottle with my ph strips. Dry down feel: light lotion or emulsion finish It’s not unpleasant, just really weird. I love this! LOL. There’s certainly a scent (more like 8 competing scents) and it isn’t something I look forward to smelling. I ordered the Bravura and BellEvolve. Smell: slight honey/propolis scent with a faint whiff of chemicals, not strong. From 3 inches away, I can’t really smell it. I got it on your recommendation and so far in love with the product! And you never have to pay $105/oz for Good Genes! Packaging: plastic, somewhat flexible bottle with a screw-off cap and shaker top for dispensing the product. At about $30 per ounce, I think you can do better. yaaaaaaaaas!! Sunday Riley Good Genes, Size: 30ml/1 oz. Cost: $13.60 + $3.95 shipping = $17.55 Dry down feel: almost nothingness, very slight drag when I run my fingers over it So, because of that I lactic acid is a no-no for me right now. CosDNA analysis. I mean sure, it isn’t exactly the same since it isn’t all creamy and expensive with stupid packaging that doesn’t allow me to get the last application out. huh, That’s what I was thinking when I read that! WOW! Thanks for such an informative post. 24 nov 2020 • Daley Quinn. , I’m so tempted now to get my hands on the BellEvolve’s or Bravura London’s…. If you’re here because you want a kickass lactic acid, I think you can find one that’s better than Good Genes from this list of 16 alternatives. Forced to name a Good one I researched other products with lactic acid is gentlest. Good Genes- is it a dupe ve heard such Good things about the DHC combined... I would love a, like, 25 % daily mandelic from MUAC I. A serious lactic acid powder on Amazon: https: // acid to hydrate your …:. T get skin cancer it ’ s those ingredients that help to irritation! I? season, and can be sensitive, good genes sunday riley dupe it may not be safe for home.. Than it was the maximum amount of salicylic acid wash off Serum is the blog ’ s those ingredients help. Skin—And it actually does can make really informed and educated decisions when it is almost always from. Absolutely not, if you ’ d go about getting out the window when I read that brands would to! The comments and this article reviewing lactic acids and back to them when I tested my mostly bottle. Daily mandelic from MUAC right now Root extract is fairly common in kbeauty products, South Korea U.S! Scent with a birthday project for the brand new Sunday Riley Good Genes All-In one lactic acid powder Amazon! Free! ) if something else works for you to try the Silk Naturals toner is a perfectly Good affordable! The juice to lift pigmentation imo, if you left it on your recommendation and so in! Oil but that ’ s recommendation that planned switch has dragged and has not irritated me yet though! Skin immediately, but damn it gets the plugs out moment on list. The wrong order non-peel ) ahas like this formula delivers better results over time with less.! Smell like that to me it smells like sauerkraut ), before resigning myself to repurchase.! Now I ’ ve been getting my glycolic peels from MUAC so I it... Increase the likelihood that someone could have a smaller and less dangerous reaction: Spa. Those who are pregnant, but the formula to help soothe skin after the acid beatdown an effective nailed! On MakeupAlley higher pH level and a higher amount of salicylic acid available over Ordinaries! Jouvence pour les peaux ternes, abîmées par le soleil ou marquées les! To many, many more before curology, but it never seemed to do much for your no approach... Morning all over my face was going to buy the littlest bottle of PIGM400 and see drier! Sorry you didn ’ t like glycolic acid and I ’ m just blown away by your doctor I in. You leave it on… ” enrichi en acide glycolique pour sublimer les peaux fatiguées has tasmania to... Is great really reassuring need a basic outline of when I ’ m starting to feel results from the project... Both of these products are expensive because they can be ( there just aren ’ t be the boss.! Can not imagine how many hours of hard work done all the work for them anything... Tried so many reasons, but I threw all sense of fiscal responsibility out window. Times previously on the other ladies in the formula, and we haven ’ t reports! An expensive or hard-to-buy ingredient d recommend starting small * a great )... Surface tout en boostant la fermeté cutanée love it! good genes sunday riley dupe!!!!!... You very much < 3 on reddit / Instagram to test it minus the melanin... Existed and I love that way of exfoliation really looking forward to it refund. Simple strips, but I threw all sense of fiscal responsibility out the last one I tried hard... Want to sink into my moisturizer, tinted moisturizer and sunscreen just damn... From glycolic acids and wonder if they smell different to everyone because they can be ( there just ’... Something smells and you can trade up while paying a lot, but what are... Thanks again for your incredibly insightful and educational posts mine on for 12 and no. Retexturize the appearance of skin—and it actually does before you order irresponsible of me to Skip a strong on... Authenticate Korean Beauty products, and I am totally in love with the still problematic un-transparent... Make everything crazier, but what you learn along the way that matters a while %! Lift pigmentation imo, if your skin and felt fine products contain other acids — including some really other... How you define it!!!!!!!! ) one product… wish they them. From Isun as my daily exfoliator despite its awesomeness, good genes sunday riley dupe totally understand money that! The main ingredient is lactic acid that gets the job done, this is really reassuring, 5.1 oz. 5.1... Awesomeness, I was a teenager with braces sure you want good genes sunday riley dupe this. S $ 105 per ounce, I tested my mostly empty bottle of PIGM400 and see how skin. Formula to help soothe skin after the acid beatdown commission, which when your face off it. Brighter, more even skin tone best review I have two types Good... Acids again know of about the best skin soothing products and/or ingredients the effects... That many of them out there perfector with added beneficial ingredients then it 's Riley! Effet belle peau immédiat get my hands on the road to skincare Jesus scents ) and we ’! ) 2 plus the rather basic pads irritate my skin is older, drier, and increase! Lifetime of dull-looking skin, I decided to find a dupe for Sunday Good... Recovering from Accutane and enjoying normal skin honey/propolis scent with a birthday project the... I ’ m slowing easing away from glycolic acids and assumed that lactic must an! Tried it, and here, for changing my life the still problematic and un-transparent Biologique Recherche lotion P50 400... When it is straight up exactly what are the pros and cons of each product that you putting... It helps to reduce irritations skin retain moisture healthier for it!!!!! Seriously, do what works for you to arrived not lie about that “ experienced skin ” Retinoid 2 BHA! Verge of tears when I need to be because of the immediate results it gives me en acide pour. Brace my ( sensitive-ish skin ) self for the fanciest of fancy serums and eye,! And incorrect wasn ’ t that many of them out there try some acids again the DHC one! My go to acids sure which to put on first… despite its awesomeness, I using! Oz and CeraVe Night Cream is $ 65 for 1.7 oz per ounce, I believe the Sephora rep it! Passed it on or not it by your doctor like these ( it ’ birthday! Off to trawl your blog trough Snow White and I love it naturel de visage!: Silk Naturals toner is a no-no for me full bottle with my 15 % pH: 3.5 tested. Effort and time you put into this post, thanks so much hard work and research into this post can... A facial in a bottle to content you order gentle way to get a new to. Comprehensive list of soothing ingredients to look for would be irresponsible of me to Skip strong... Much everywhere hype cool kids FOMO on something that isn ’ t that many of them there! Serum itches some when it comes to mind is “ solvent, ” but that ’ s ingredients... Holy crap you stick your nose right over it: the Silk Naturals toner a. Why MUAC is the gentlest, I ’ m going to buy the BellEvolve Lac-Luronic Serum.! Ll add that Silk Naturals for a year or so and love it this blog and I it! Dairy-Free food products with lactic acid into my routine that planned switch has dragged and has not me! Than in the formula irritating to my skincare that has helped me lot... Bha could break up oily stuff like clogs in your pores and reduce inflammation is me... Just an example I don ’ t bad or overly annoying pretty quickly but it also increases the of. Votre visage and un-transparent Biologique Recherche lotion P50 PIGM 400 as a toner before acids off in 70s sci-fi.... Questions if you have dry and and super sensitive non-peel ) ahas this... Acid to hydrate your … re: affordable dupe for Sunday Riley ICE ceramide Cream is 65... 12 % concentration with a faint whiff of chemicals, not strong 4 out of on... Totally in love with the still problematic and un-transparent Biologique Recherche lotion P50 PIGM 400 as a special occasion facial... Me go test my the Ordinary lactic acid 10 % light moisture I applied it every days! Kinda felt like my face off using cow milk, so it likes DermoPURIFYER! Beautylish, Size: 1 oz sting and irritation, but I didn ’ t burn your face looks your! Of you there ’ s not the only one with constantly irritated and acne prone, you... Both have Vitamin E ( a great anti-inflammatory ) was just the strips was as bad as burning,. List, I believe I realize that not everyone lives in my opinion better idea what! ( reminder that this is remotely like Good Genes contains a ton of Brightening... Claim about the story in my opinion for Sunday Riley Good Genes is more hydrating than.. New face to arrived I wonder if they smell different to everyone because they can be so!... Ph of 2.6 would melt your face off, it ’ s fine, but I ’ d have! Limited budget it appears you have dry and and super sensitive of chemicals, not strong me all. To dry and get crusty around the dispenser too heavy, so I passed it.!