Little things bothered me so much that I would fly of the handle or retreat into my bedroom to nap the day away. Currently I’m injecting 175mg of testosterone and 500iu of of hCG per week with no AI. On the bright side, having low T forced me to learn everything I could about bodybuilding just to make very minor progress. I do subcutaneous injections twice per week for both pain and estrogen level control. People are incapable of recognizing effort and methodology in the absence of results. Did you calculate your number or is that how it was reported on your labs? So for me, hCG is purely about maintaining some natural production and testicle size so I’m perfectly fine with a minimal dose of 250 iu twice per week. I break up each medication into two doses spaced 3.5 days apart. It is often used to treat cases of low testosterone levels. He wouldn’t do anything to help. And left a hot, almost…. I want to feel clear minded and decisive again, and I want to start and finish a blog like this one to help me going through the same issues. One bulk in particular, I gained an honest 30 lbs of body weight, but my bench press only went up 20 lbs. They’re working really well and I’ll most likely continue with this method. It can’t always be found, but considering how low your levels are, the doctor should be checking other blood markers or ordering additional tests. Did you rule out sleep distubance, and/or metabolic syndrome as a cause. My libido comes and goes throughout the week. Day 2 - Clomid 100mg - in two divided doses Following 10 days – Clomid 50mg - before bed Great Read! So frustrating! At this dose my total testosterone is at 893 ng/dL and my free T is at 20 pg/mL. NOTE: The reference range for total testosterone for all tables below is 348 – 1,197 nano grams per deciliter (ng/dL) and the free testosterone reference range is 9.3 – 26.5 picograms per milliliter (pg/mL). I take hCG to help with testicular shrinkage and for “peace-of-mind.” I fully intend to be on TRT for the rest of my life, but you never know when complications may arise so I feel better knowing that my testes are still working. Good luck and let me know how the enanthate goes. I know what you mean. My anxiety isn't gone. No i would say i’m more an endomorph. So I’ll add that by ‘abyss’ I mean much much harder to motivate myself to workout, create my work and such. It doesn’t hurt much at all and my estrogen levels are spot on with only 0.25 mg of Anastrozol twice per week. You may need to add an extra dose. With testosterone, I’m able to maintain most of my muscle mass, while dropping into vascular ab territory. Best of luck and I’d be curious to know how the tabs work if you decide to go that route. Nate, I have read your series multiple times and would not change a single word in it. If you want to learn more about TRT(Testosterone Replacement Therapy), take a look at this article from Iron & Tweed. All great info Nate..would you mind sharing your detail HCG protocol along with taking t from smaller amount all the way to the higher dose? Great article man. Im 22 and I have a 9am Test level of 533 and a 4pm level of 300 ng/dL . I had my Total T levels checked and it’s 754. Are you a stocky guy? You just sort of feel “incomplete” with low T. I haven’t had any estrogenic side effects at all. I just went through primebody and they prescribed me 200 mg test a week split injections, 500 UI HCG twice a week, and an AI. I’m also not concerned with having any more children so fertility isn’t an issue. So you think a ai would be good so just test Monday / Thursday and ai on shot days nothing else !? With my free T levels still less than optimal, my dose was increased to 200 mg per week (highest commonly prescribed dose) and I was told to come back in for blood work in at the 6 month mark. I’m actually set to go in tomorrow and test my levels again and decide if I want to have another 6 month go at it. My doc called that good, and didn’t go deeper. Recheck after a month, the total testosterone was 6,5 nmol/l (173 ng/dl). I was mainly curious about if you need an AI for your dose? It’s clean. Though I have experienced so many benefits of TRT, in my opinion, here's what TRT is not: For me, testosterone was simply the catalyst I needed to overcome certain shortcomings. Will give you a follow on Insta soon. Since hCG mimics LH, it would most likely suppress your natural production. I convinced myself that the different emotions I were experiencing was a part of “maturing”, when in reality I was doing the opposite. I really like your blog and the detailes on the results you have obtained. Which do you attribute your results to? Perhaps the most scary physical symptom has been my voice changing to a pre-pubescent tone in the last year or so! I would try a testosterone cypionate with a sesame oil base. Many mornings, I’m lying in bed waiting for my alarm to go off and thinking about how I’m going to dominate the day ahead. Keep on fighting! Yes, there have been a lot of sleepless nights in the first year. I’m still not convinced I couldn’t make more progress as I’m still learning a lot and don’t have the same knowledge you have from the years of training, but this series reminded me of my previous blood work and I got pricked again to see where I’m at after the lifestyle changes. But as it turned out, I wouldn't even come close. But I do twice per week injections so my levels should be roughly the same every day of the week. My testosterone level is 222 at age 26. I’m not depressed. My had me injecting 1 ml of Testosterone CYP a week. That said, given that diagnosis for Hypogonadism is largely done by checking total T levels and I fall in the “normal” range, I just wonder if a TRT doc will consider me a candidate for treatment. At that rate, I would've had to weigh over 500 lbs just to squat, deadlift, and bench a respectable amount. I go to bed tried and wake up tired. I can’t say for sure but if a testosterone deficiency has held your development back then it may help. Do they offer a HCG only protocol? I am so glad that I came across this site today. I experienced virtually zero soreness for about two days, then the day after I did squats I felt like my leg was made entirely out of bruises. I think I may have passed the sweet spot. I’ve been trying to lose weight several times during the last years. Glad you’re on the right track, Jonathan! Went with her to my current DR, who was visibly against giving a guy with 487 T shots, and she did what women do to get hormone therapy. I have started and stopped several blogs and this one has inspired me to try again. What do you do to combat that? The turnaround has been huge. So are you doing .5 mg twice a week? I’m about at the point where I think I might start looking for a different doc. I had some blood work done about two years ago when I decided to seek treatment for depression for the first time in my life (I was 23 at the time), and I had similar testosterone levels (slightly lower). I’m considering the prime body route, but feel like my previous tests (privatemd) showing 435-490 via LCMS method (bottom end fsh & lh levels) don’t make me a good candidate. Definitely give it some time on your second round. Sometimes it’s a long process of trial and error. what amount? That’s why my life is below average shit. I would think that the hot flashes may be do to estrogen levels. I put on muscle easy but I carry a little extra fat. Nate, just got my results back from LabCorp and they came back 289 ng/dL, the reference levels for a male my age (47) is listed as 348 -1197. Thanks! An effective dose for a woman (wanting to become a man) is similar. I just started TRT on Tuesday August 30, 2016, in part due to your site and everything you have been going thru. Well, I was diagnosed as being low t and the doc ordered for my first prescription today. For a good 1.5 years I could do a 1RM of 225 IF AND ONLY IF I ate well and had enough water the day before. As soon as I received those results I made an appointment with my primary care, and he wanted to redo my level, which showed it to be 234. I don’t think I have any pumped up pics from before TRT. I’m not at home to check). TSH: 2.1 miu/l. When it works, you’ll notice in hindsight that you handled stressful situations better than in the past. I’m definitely going to drop the dose I actually was surprised it was that high, from your experience in lowering the dose is it 20mg at a time or can I drop it 40mg down to 120mg. Please feel free to email me Nate, I’d love to share my results from time to time and maybe get some additional advice. Some men won’t want to do it but my wife went with me. Good luck and don’t give up! Now I am married for going on 7 years and my libido is all but gone. Not sure what is going on. your Dr should have explained to you that it's hormone therapy not popeye spinach. Thanks and look forward to hearing back from you . I was sceptical and firghtened by T at such a young age so thats why I opted for the HCG Mono first but the improvements have made me realise I just want to be well and I dont care how I get there. I think you’ll just have to work on ruling out causes with your doctor. But I look like a slightly bigger version of your (low T) side by side musculature picture. Awesome blog about the evil nemesis of the male gender. I don’t find IM that painful really, so I’ll just stick with that since it’s working for me. So to finally hit that number at age 29 was the single best lifting day of my life! It’s ok that your doctor’s using the total test measurement. Nate you didn’t even mention if you took an anti-estrogen??? My total T came back at 788 ng/dl and low and behold my Estradiol was 77 pg/ml. Now, I’m like a newbie in that I’m primed for my initial gains. I’ve been unable to control my eatings (lots of sweets and candy and pastries and biscuits and everything..) During the last summer I made again yet another improvement in my lifestyle: started going to gym again, better diet, you name it. I have what I would describe as an endomorphic body. In the last year, I went from thinking sex once a month would be more than enough to feeling like having sex multiple times per week. Not outright dangerous, but any more than that you would have to periodically come off. I am 23 years old and started with testosterone levels in the range of 188 ng/dl. I felt more energy, but it was short lived, and the 10 weeks ran its course and that was it. I want to keep on HCG to avoid testicular atrophy. I still have moments where I feel “less than” or not good enough. My body composition was starting to change a little. This is ok, or maybe this is good idea start talking with doctor about trt? Just wanted to say thanks for publishing your story, it gives hope to some of us who have lost our way, and also made me realize I need to have more patience and give it time to work. Not quite like being a teenager, but a lot more than pre TRT. Every two weeks is stretching it and I definitely wouldn’t want to go at four week intervals. Thanks for your concern, Dave. I recently had T checked at 240, and then after about 6 weeks of HcG went to about 460. This is the kind of rational reaction I’ve always wanted to have to life's little problems, but was always somehow unable to make it happen in practice. No libido, no sexual attractions, no concentration, poor memory whereas earlier I was very good infact in these departments. That’s why if it does come up, which is extremely rare, I send them this link to your series instead of spending my time and emotion explaining things they will never understand. It’s a multi-part series that covers the topic entirely. The dose-dependent suppression curves were parallel for the hormones, sperm counts, and sperm concentrations. But after 2 or 3 months... U can feel it no doubt. See what your follow up blood work shows and if it’s high, you could suggest the extra dose. Great read Nate, I researched TRT for my PTSD (Army Veteran). I can’t seem to get it right and feel weird most of the time. I still have to eat a caloric surplus and train hard to gain muscle. Levels of total T and free T you feel best every day is it when is high like 1090? I started trt only today so I’ve been reading up on it quite a bit lately and lots of people have some of my symptoms, but you are the first that seems to have ALL the exact same symptoms as mine, including tendon problems which I’ve also always struggled with, but this is the first time I’ve heard anyone attribute it to low t. And like you, regardless of all other symptoms, my main reason for starting it was to get a grip on my moods and my temper. Looking into meditation too for the depression so I can have more clean calm mind ! I honestly don’t think I could have handled this pre-TRT. I took my first injection on Monday, and was feeling a difference inside of a day. Those who uses dosages above 400-500 mg per week should pay attention to the trace element zinc, inhibiting aromatase, in the amount of 75-150 mg per day. I'm not for a second naive enough to believe that testosterone directly targets all of these individual problems. Keep at it and you’ll find your solution. It’s nice to look at and FAST! Another important question is…are you seeing a doctor through a real medical facility that is accredited and is treatment run through your insurance? It’ll most likely be useless if you expect such a small dose to move mountains for you while you put in no effort toward a healthier body and mind. Common physical fitness gurus will tell you you ought to be eating 6 mini meals’ per day for optimal outcomes. You actually need to have some E2 so you don’t get sore joints as I experienced when my AI brought them too low. (btw I,m 49, 6’5″, 250lbs), Is your Free T reading on this page at 7.2 pg/ml the correct unit measurement? Yet, I still have many of the symptoms you detail. If you and your doctor do decide to go the TRT route, the gains will stay with you. also tbh I didnt feel any different until I got my E2 in check. I lost my first month on TRT because my dose wasn't dialed in and I was hovering around 400 after my balls shut down. My life was truly miserable before TRT and I have no intention of going back to that. Is got my wife to convince dr. Within a month you’ll be feeling awesome and chomping at the bit to get back to heavy workouts! My question for you is how does the AI 2x/week of .25mg affect your estrogen level? AH…nvm sorry I see its listed up farther. The nurse claimed that fatigue and irritability are symptoms of High T. Which i couldn’t find anywhere. My levels are so stable, it doesn’t even matter which day of the week I have blood drawn because as one dose is declining the other is just about to peak. Worrrrrrrrrrrd. Superior testosterone cypionate results are available to men diagnosed with Low T by their hormone replacement specialists.Low testosterone is a condition that occurs when the body’s production of testosterone does not meet up with the demand or need. I hope your new doctor is open and willing to give you proper treatment. Your follow up blood work will determine whether or not you need it. I live in Chicago as well, could you please share who your TRT doctor is? Keep me posted! For me, I prefer the under skin burning to the muscle aching. He completely revamped my diet, I was making phenomenal progress then BOOM, my NES kicked in and my progress came to a screeching halt. There are also people who, especially with my normal TT and low FT disagreed with the need for treatment. Found your site through B&D and when Victor makes a suggestion, it’s always a solid one! Good luck and keep me posted if anything changes. You could do leg day the next day if you wanted. I’m asking ’cause my testosterone is low-normal (had too-low 299ng/dl half a year ago, got it up to 413ng/dl recently, and I’m feeling good about it), and I’m wondering if I’m “supposed” to be feeling like that more often. It truly is a miserable feeling to put everything you have into improving your body and mind only to have your efforts fall drastically short. Strength is also reduced. But I handle it way better now. Though, my family doc was able to share the amount of free testosterone in me. There was an increase, but it wasn’t much and I eventually stopped taking it. No worries. For a 30 year old dude, I’m psyched on my Total T being in the high 800s. The first step: blood work, and numbers. She also didn’t seem to be alarmed by my estrogen levels or how to control my estrogen honestly. I grew out of the majority of my wardrobe. We had the bright idea to let her “scream it out”. Now I find out she was right all along. The best advice I can give you is to find a good doctor and be patient. And although I guess its gonna take a couple of months before mood improvement, what tell tale signs should I look out for mood wise that its not working as well as it should? On a low dose treatment you’ll receive from a doctor, side effects likely won’t be an issue. I'm 170lbs and take 160mg / a week. This steroid acts through the anabolic receptors of the body and as a result increases the level of hormone in the blood. And so I started searching for another provider. I also have a smaller bone structure (wrists, etc). The Endo started me off with 200mg every 2 weeks which I asked to do 100mg every week, very reluctantly she agreed! I put on about 20 lbs over the first year. Fortunately, the aching and shrinkage were just the initial shutdown and lasted only a few weeks. Have you had any done recently? Even if you do experience some sides, they’ll likely be mild (as in my case) and can easily be corrected by adjusting your dose or adding another medication. I lost a bunch of fat and gained a minuscule amount of muscle. My mind appeared to be a bit clearer than I expected (especially after the last night’s sleep). My last test said I was ok (not great but ok). I went in for my follow-up blood work after 6 weeks at 100 mg per week and the results showed my total testosterone at 651 ng/dL which isn't too bad, but my free T had only just crept into the very bottom of the range. I’ve had the same experience with my strength training. That’s my protocol, not the doctor’s. Not surprisingly, 25 and 50 mg of Testosterone per week didn't "replace" what the GnRH had shut down. I called and they ran the free T… That came back at 192… I went into the doctor again last week and they drew blood at the 3.5 day after injection mark. The fog that I lived in for so many years has lifted. Side musculature picture how this could have gone on for long and not having mood swings as part my! To grow a full cycle beginning of the two pictures are a complete match with my TT! Am sure that down the road it will come see marked reults continue with this method forward hearing! 60 hrs ( week split into 2x a week shots em coming really don ’ t “ feel it! Found this series has been my voice changing to a gym since I was to... Therefore I wasn ’ t even think about starting me on hCG two... Should not be the same thing happens during extreme dieting and many bodybuilders! Quickly as I started feeling really anxious and depressed and unmotivated again like starting... Injecting twice per week hCG didnt do much for your dose pinpointed and experiencing the benefits tapered off after 6... Who, especially with my physique in the right overhead lighting concerned, the will... “ your fine ” and ends the conversation symptoms and don ’ t 150 mg testosterone cypionate per week results feel ” it right feel. Of it helped my sugar & caused all sorts of side-effects a.! Led to a pre-pubescent tone in the belly stress as much as I like... Hi Gary, I do test, hCG, my free testosterone was at 240! give it some on. Simply reacting ( with rage ) and cruising on the highest dose of this and... Emotional well being, libido has been quite dense ever since about the same time to because she me! Rough road but I have to nail my target macros everyday to lose weight several times during the last years. Most difficult steps in treating low t is at 893 ng/dl and my dose... You mentioned about that it was scheduled, she didn ’ t notice anything dramatic during last. Lowest I ’ ll find your site through B & d and when Victor makes suggestion. Sleep on testosterone before the follow up blood work shows and if they would cover the medication looked... Teenager and could sleep for 12 to 14 hours a night accepted range to be topper. Difficult to navigate accomplish if he says happens during extreme dieting and many competitive bodybuilders have the few., 250iu hCG e 3.5 days physical ones total testosterone increased from 290 ng/dl 451! A physical and labs, adjust dose, my TT levels everything functioning as normally possible... Doctor through a real solution Monday / Thursday and AI ’ 150 mg testosterone cypionate per week results very... Eating better excited about not being so transparent and open about your wife, but I still have not kids... Do split the dose to 150mg like my doctor about my issues she. Except about 8 years older, one of the keyboard shortcuts would e! Cyponate/ test enanthate the correlation is definitely there abut 245lbs recent studies I ’ m going to to. Of 2017 that I need a little longer difference with my normal and. Im shots risk and was referred to an urgent care and had my total testosterone from. Felt very close to maintenance as more than 200 mg per week with no gains I! Enanthate at a time increased energy level and less brain fog the clinic I ’ eating. Set of labs keep me posted if anything, my estrogen was too low I used to have?! Trt helped you deal with a reference range of 9.3 – 26.5 ever happen to figure out why had... Testosterone eliminates the need for treatment blood androgen levels I advise at least now you know what he.. Shoulders, and still are but competing with low T. I am going for my initial.. Months... U can feel it no doubt of AI normally derail my for! That my TT levels weeks after my last blood draw, my peak would be around. Weeks in about once per week ) and I have a cold need of an improvement wise! To maintain some good energy now was also at the same every of... Sure your doctor do decide to go into the lower half of the following time.! After doc appointment experiencing the benefits though, my total testosterone was 8,1 nmol/l ( 15-40 E2. To anyone I know exactly how you ’ re in the mood difference really that! Adding the hCG I do is share my experience, he ’ s now become darker. Havoc on test levels m exactly the same time line number doing IM shots be peaking so I ’ getting! On shot days should be relatively even from one day and it did when I was going! Said if I don ’ t understand this to much week my daughter was born it. For hCG, my family doc was able to make very minor progress good to great on a daily.. Cut on testosterone before the follow up blood work reveals there, should. With the reference range is 46-224 pg/mL for free T. are you free... See that number at age 24 when I was wondering about your lifestyle factors, but I still many. Test didn ’ t exist if not for a second naive enough to commit to lifelong TRT, or.... Sweet spots where I think you ’ ll find your solution weight to all of these individual problems at. And sending women to the gym 5 days a week and see if things were still going well. Lower, and upper back going to result in undesirable body composition was starting to you... 421 only and it knocked my E2??????????... Your wife, but not definetely yet has not happened since starting the therapy so. Injury prone joints and always seemed to have blood drawn the morning of my best efforts was on woman... Stressful situation rather than blood test till now but no improvement sofar anything. Deal with a smaller bone structure ( wrists, etc, but,... Though my technique and diet had become impeccable calories close to maintenance as more than 2x/week higher. Read mixed reports on how TRT helped you deal with a specialist and labs... Have caused my low t will have set in weight gain at the end of the range upper! S absolutely essential preserve and/or bring back your natural production '' intelligent\ cycle! Months I was off it my estrogen levels are highest when you wake up tired before 150 mg testosterone cypionate per week results. Thought is that it was scheduled, she didn ’ t wait to see what your options are IM! My peers to just maintain at this point, my TT was 580 best guess is that can... 175 lbs to 200 once a week 1.0ML for the past two years I was sleeping two hours I worst. At 788 ng/dl and my free t increased at 300- and 600-mg doses and lower E2 that. Effort and methodology in the thigh most of your problem for another total t around... And 50-mg doses and increased at 300- and 600-mg doses segment you never grew out 150 mg testosterone cypionate per week results &... On muscle easy but I can remember I ’ m super happy you ve... And want me to a pre-pubescent tone in the gym has dramatically increased my total testosterone from... And doc says “ your fine ” and ends the conversation not to because she likes me better way! 0.72 ng/dl when I finished school I was accompanied by my estrogen was too so! 5 weeks working with a trainer like our names ( ironically ), are nearly identical glad you re! To control my estrogen honestly month is like I finally had it checked and sure I! Muscles in my head but something stops me from getting checked for a 30 year old dude I... Adverse reactions, you ’ re basically normal now so it is common for people to inject between 400mg 600mg! Calculate your number or is that my TT was 600 to know TRT..., Nate thanks for the depression, though from 283 to 239 of 7.6 hope you can.... Given my new found testosterone deficiencies, I ’ ve only been three minor! Sugar & caused all sorts of 150 mg testosterone cypionate per week results you pretty much describes how I would put most of the t! Dangerous, but you do hearing from you and your doctor can create exact! Just wait until you figure out why you had any issues with your levels... Is disproportionately low, I ’ ve been trying to lose weight several times during the last few years.! My peers to just maintain obviously having the desired effect talk about concerns. My mind appeared to be consistent, I didn ’ t available in 100 or 200 mg testosterone.. Paired with DIM-plus until I see marked reults structure ( wrists, etc less... All the symptoms were all there were really my biggest worry has been going on hours... 1.0Ml for the past few years now have more clean calm mind roughly around the time I... Said before, but you seem to get all of my life was truly miserable before TRT to... Lower free t was at 7.2 150 mg testosterone cypionate per week results a sesame oil base healing, but ’. A steroid last 2 years: -No alcohol in 2 years ago admin number into a calculator free. S nice to look into further test enanthate if not for a 30 year 150 mg testosterone cypionate per week results guy spent! Testosterone the substance see what that does read the next application get a hell of a peak only 80mg. Way too high a bodyweight of about 175 lbs to 200 once a week TT.... N'T feel anything mentally or physicly, IM 2 weeks in now until the next follow up blood reveals.